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My 1st visit to a dentist in 10 years.



Junior member
Jan 7, 2011
I went last Friday(April 1st) for a check up and a cleaning.

(1)12 cavities(6 upper, 6 lower)

(2)1 cracked upper molar #2
that either needs a root canal or an extraction.

(3)3 of my wisdom teeth need to be pulled out.

I grind and clench my teeth so I will need a custom fit mouth guard.
The dentist told me that he will put a sealant on a few of my teeth
that have enamel erosion. On a couple of my bottom teeth he said I had some kind of lesion, forgot the name of it, but all of my teeth can be saved since I am leaning towards a root canal/crown for my cracked molar.

I am going to do everything spread out over a few visits. 6 cavities filled in 2 separate visits. Another 2-3 visits for the root canal and wisdom
teeth extraction. I will most definitely be going for a cleaning every 6 months from now on and I recently started using a waterpik Water Flosser, twice a day along with a sonicare toothbrush.

People tell me to get a 2nd opinion, but I felt comfortable with the dentist. I felt really good after the visit. I can honestly say that I was
in a better mood after my check up/cleaning.

Now I have never had a root canal or an extraction before but from
what I have heard and from reading threads on here it's not as bad as
it sounds.

What motivated me to finally go was that I was ashamed at how some of my teeth looked, I used to have perfect teeth in my 20's to early 30's. I am 41 now. The dentist isn't going to judge you or anything like that for not going in such a long time. But you have to take that 1st step and make an appointment, and take it from there.:)
Hi there

I just want to say thank you for posting your success story. I am glad you have found a dentist who you feel comfortable with.

Did the dentist give you information about which toothbrush to use as I could do with knowing what type to use?

I have an appointment on Tuesday 12 April with a dentist I found online. I was told by the receptionist that a lady had just been in for a filling and she was a nervous patient but here's hoping :thumbsup: she's good to me too!