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My 9th Abscess- could do with some advice...



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Aug 20, 2011

I have a bit of a problem- I hate dentists, not personally but professionally- I hate going, I hate speaking to them and I hate even thinking about them; but I think i am out of options now. Ill explain..

A few years ago, maybe when i was 15/16 (Im 20 now) my sister broke my front tooth with a pipe (front insisor on my right)-I still hate her for the misery she has caused. When it happened the dentist glued the broken half back on then later screwed it on. The tooth went black and i had to have a crown done. I was just getting used to that guy and he left-it took me from the age of 6 to begin to trust him.
The next dentist i had gave me the whole root canal treatment and a crown. (He then left soon after also). I was actaully sat on by my sister during that procedure.

Then a while after i had my first abcess above that crown and was given antibiotics.
Then i had another which made my whole face swell up.
I then had another which was even worse- was given more antibiotics and it was so bad i told them to take out my tooth-but the dentist wouldnt as he thought I was too young to know what I was talking about--pretty much his words.
I then had another and had to go see another new dentist- who reffered me to the dental hospital. I went to the hospital and they took xrays and said it didnt look too bad. A few months later the hospital got in touch and said it didnt require treatment.

I then had another- more antibiotics but also a referal to have a apioseptomy (sp) when i was 18, they cut me open and had a dig around while i was drugged up- i was also trying to punch the guy-i dont want to be put to sleep because im scared of that too.
After a while (when i was 19) started getting more pain in my mouth-and noticed that i had a puss filled swelling where the scar from the dental op was. I have had a few of them which have been treated with antibiotics (many kinds).
The dentist last time said take the tablets and see what happens. I now have another-which is bigger than the others and has come on pretty fast- probably 2 days its taken to get this big.

I cannot afford to keep going to see dentists for 5 minutes and buying antibiotics. I have a habit of leaving it until it gets too bad to cope but now i just want it sorted. I hate having to keep going back there and dont have the money to do it either.

So what i am wondering is what can they do? Is there anything that they can do to stop it? What can i say to make them do something other than fill me with antibiotics and have to go back again? I am so fed up i am willing to have a false tooth- im young-but im smart and i know what i can live with-i dont care as long as i dont keep having this problem. Im off to uni in september and the only way i would get time off on that course is if i was in hospital- i cant afford to get ill while im there-if i miss a day or two i will be kicked out.

Can someone please help? If you knew how much i hate dentists you would know something is wrong for me wanting to get treatment by them. I am even considering just sticking a needle in it and geting the crap out myself. Im getting to the end of my teather. Can anyone give me some advice? Sorry for a long post.

Your only chance of saving the tooth is to have the root treatment redone by a root canal specialist (called an endodontist). There is no problem finding one if you are prepared to pay private fees, but it sounds like this is not possible in your case.
Your dentist could refer you to the nearest dental teaching hospital for such treatment. If there is no dental hospital in your region then your primary care trust is obliged to pay for you to have private treatment. However, you might need to be very assertive to get them to do this.

Good luck

I'm not surprised you hate dentists being pushed from pillar to post like that. I agree with Lincoln - exactly what I was going to say as a layperson. Your tooth is probably either doomed or needs a total properly done root canal retreat (they can work if done by endodontists) to fully clear the infection and allow healing.
Although if they have already done an apico or similar at the dental hospital then maybe this avenue has already been exhausted....you could consult a private endo to see if they think your tooth is doomed or if there is hope of saving it.

Constantly taking all these antibiotics can't be a good idea for you personally or for antibiotic resistance in general. The root cause of the infection needs to be tackled surely?

If you extracted the tooth I suppose you could replace it with an implant - again only available privately. You could also maybe have a bridge but this is a really bad idea as it would compromise the health of the 2 adjacent teeth (bridges are covered on NHS alas). I don't know if you can replace with a single tooth on a plate???? As a front tooth you ideally would fill the gap with something as you say.

Finally what the heck was your sister doing sitting on you during an appointment - she seems to like assaulting you one way or another...seriously not a good idea and the dentist shouldn't have allowed it:mad:.

Sorry you have had such a miserable time with it all. Hope you find some relief soon even if you do have to decide on extraction. Your sister if in employment should maybe fund your implant since she was the cause of the original trauma?
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Hi guys, thanks for replying.

I managed to get into the dentist today, when I rang they said they will probably give me more antibiotics- so that means paying around £17 for 3 minutes in that room then another £7? for the meds- im pretty sure it would be cheaper to see a private dentist if this is how its going to be treated. They go on about not taking too many antibiotics as it can create resistant organisms or something- if that is the case i must be a walking biohazard! Im suprised I can still get ill after taking all these :) Ive opened a credit card up- Im going to have a look around at prices for private. (cant believe Im actually wanting to have work done!)

When I had that apio done they said that if that doesnt work, then the only option may be a false tooth but they dont want to do that because i am young. I dont care tbh! I dont like the sound of a bridge- I heard it is a lot of work that has to be done and very expensive? I can pay a bit but not a lot. Do you think the first root canal was not done as good as it could have been or was I just unlucky?
I was told that you can only have one referal to the dental hospital for free then you have to pay? I have already been to the hospital once for it for some xrays and a letter saying i didnt need anything doing. The apio was done by a private dentist paid for by the nhs- its the only one that i can think of that is close so i may look into getting stuff done there if needed. Would it be worth having the apio done again?

Like i say, im going to see them today so I will ask them what can be done- if the waiting list is too long or they refuse to take in my charm and assertiveness then I will go private- the more info i get from the dentist the easier it will be for me to see about getting it sorted I guess. I will let you know what is said today!

I guess I allowed my sister to sit on me as I wanted it sorting. It was my mums idea! I dont think the dentist complained as I had hit him in the face already.......:p

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