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my brain interprets everything as extreme pain

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May 10, 2019
Virginia, USA
Hey, all. I'm not sure where to post this other than here. I'm just trying to connect with others who maybe experience what I am. I seem to be hyper sensitive to anything changing in my mouth which causes extreme responses of pain.

I've been going through some dental stuff for a couple of months now. I know some discomfort and pain is normal. But mine just seems so extreme, always. It's like the volume is on max. No medication takes the edge off. Whether it's something minor like an adjustment, or just having my jaw open for even 15 minutes, I end up in agony (and depressed) for days afterward.

I do have a history of chronic pain. My wife believes that's part of it - my cup is already full. But it's so exhausting. I'm currently lying in bed trying not to cry because a healthy tooth my dentist poked two days ago and made a minor adjustment to is screaming today, along with the whole right side of my jaw.

It's like my brain reads all discomfort and pain as EMERGENT. And the pain is LOUD because I need to pay attention to it. It's so hard to know what's physical and what is psychosomatic.

I am in therapy and on medication for anxiety. But what I really wish I had right now was some damn pain medication that works.

Anyone else feel this?