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My dental journey. Next stage - wisdom tooth extraction!



Junior member
Oct 16, 2019
So last week on Wednesday I went to the dentist for the first time in 23 years (since I was 17). To my (and the dentist's) surprise my teeth are good and I had only one small cavity that needed filling.

On Wednesday morning this week I had the filling done - injection, drilling and everything. Again, despite dreading it, it was absolutely fine. I did not feel a single second of pain or discomfort and was amazed and very grateful.

But on Wednesday night I had a bad toothache suddenly in my bottom left wisdom tooth. Went to the dentist this morning and I have been told that my tooth has a crack underneath the gum line and the wisdom tooth has to be removed. This will be in a few weeks.

Funnily enough the pain in this tooth has gone today, my dentist thought that some food might have been stuck there irritating it. I have to keep that tooth ultra clean but I don't think I have an infection.

So the next step is a wisdom tooth removal with local anaesthetic. As you can imagine I am not looking forward to this at all. my wisdom teeth came up normally and are not impacted in any way so I am hoping that this will make extraction easier. But who knows.

Any kind words much appreciated!
Hi Taucher,

sounds like you are doing great! If you managed to cope with a filling and it was fine, you will do great with the wisdom tooth as well. The process of being numbed up is the same and the extraction itself will be much quicker than a filling. Your dentist will most likely be able to tell you how many minutes (or maybe even seconds) they will need.

All the best wishes and keep us posted