My dental nightmare.



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Oct 14, 2011
I have a long term problem with dentists and dentistry in general. 45 years of pain and misery all due to being abused by a rogue dentist in the early 1970's. The problems this evil sadist have caused are still ongoing and have developed into a serious psychological issue. I have hated my teeth for as long as I can remember and very much hoped to have them all removed and start again with implants. With this in mind, I stopped all dental car 6 years ago, hoping they'd rot away but it hasn't worked. I now feel the need to get something done as I am in pain constantly now. But I can't do it. I want to. I know I need to but finding the right person is so important. I tried having some treatment under conscious sedation but I became violent towards the dentist and was refused any further treatment. That was about 12 years ago. I suppose that general anaesthetic is the only way. The other problem is paying for it. Are there any dental charities that could help me? I would like to hear any ideas and suggestions. I have to get this mouth sorted in 2021. Thanks.


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Jan 1, 2005
Hi there, really sorry to hear about the amount of pain you're in. Here's hoping that you can find relief in 2021 🍀.

The cost issue is very country-specific. Are you still in the UK as your profile says? If so, there is the NHS of course, and you could try the community dental service in your area (it sounds as if you would qualify). We've got some more information on this page:

What actually happened when you tried to have treatment under sedation the last time? How did you get on with the dentist before you became violent towards them?


Nov 2, 2020
Where I am located, a doctor can write you a note stating that you require GA because of urgent treatment and an extreme phobia. I'm not sure if this is "done" in the UK but the UK seems to be better at it than us. If you have a decent GP, I'd start there and ask him or her.
Good luck.