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My dental phobia



Junior member
Jan 28, 2024
Oh I don't know where to start. Ever since I can remember I've been terrified of the dentist. There are some points where I just want to run out of the office or just burst in tears. It scares me to hear I need certain procedures done. I'm not going to lie the last time I went to the dentist was 2 years ago and with good reason. I had zero access to insurance. I couldn't afford it. But now I do. The thought of making an appointment and going into the dental office terrifies me to bits. The last visit I had I was told I needed to get 10 fillings, a root canal, and a cyst removed from my bottom jaw on the left side. I also have to get braces but those will have to wait until I can get a very good job that provides great insurance. To this day the cyst has not grown and has not caused me any problems. I also needed to get a wisdom tooth removed. Hearing all of that frightened me. The dentist just looked at me and her tone of voice felt judgemental. They brought in another lady who was nicer and explained everything in a lighter tone. But the thought of having so many procedures done scares me. I'm afraid it will change me. I'm afraid that because of the cyst they'll say I will need a part of my jaw removed and I will look ugly. Just writing all of this down is making me want to cry. I guess I just needed to talk to someone maybe make a friend that I can call while I'm at the dentist to help calm me down or talk to me while the procedures are happening through my phone earbuds. I know it sounds silly and stupid and my parents and siblings would agree.