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My dentist applied seal and protect and it’s made things worse



Mar 4, 2020

My dentist applied seal and protect on few teeth the right side and the left side. The right side when I chew there is barely any pain and that’s all good as can cope whereas the left side which also got applied seal it’s really sore when I bite down and eating, I’m struggling to chew on the side! I find it odd as it wasn’t like that prior, just sensitive but not ouch! And seal and protect is meant to help sensitivity I thought- has something went wrong or can this happen? Should I wait and bear the pain or dentist!
Might be best to phone and ask the dentist?
@Gordon Phoned up this morning and they’ll see me again! Thank god but just don’t understand it as seal and protect seems not much so dunno how it would cause pain!
Seeing them tomorrow. Thanks :)