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My dentist did not cut out the abscess, and just prescribed antibiotics (?)



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Hi, I need your help please. What should I do? I had my low right wisdom tooth taken out a mounth ago. (Got a dry socket after it. But now it seems to be alright) And then recently (7 Nov) I had root canal treatment on low right molar. My dentist didn't finish the treatment and put temporary filling in the tooth. Yesterday I had developed a dental abscess behind the tooth :( The gum under the tooth is white and swollen now, and the other gums near the tooth are white. Looks like there is pus in it. Today I went to my dentist, but she didn't cut out the abscess, just precribed the antibiotics. I've heard that a dental abscess supposed to be cut out to drain the pus away. I am so afraid that the infection may not go away.:( Should I go to another doctor?? Thank you.
If there is enough tension in the swelling then it is best to cut the lumpo and drain it. Alternatively you can open the tooth and drain it through the root.

Sometimes the swelling isn't tense enough to cut and the roots can't be opened and then antibiotics are used.

Sometimes the dentist (or patient) prefers the easier route of a prescription instead.

The antibiotics will work on their own but more slowly and it will take a few days to have an effect.
Thanks a lot! I so want the infection to go away. The dentist says that he will remove the tooth if it doesn't. I'm 20 and I'm afraid to loose the 2nd molar :cry: And I don't know what to do if it happens. Can't afford an implant.
unfortunately the antibiotics will not take away the cause of the infection but completing the unfinished rootfilling will. That would be the way to save the tooth and not need an implant.