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My dentist told me i need all my teeth pulled



Junior member
Oct 26, 2017
She said I should just have them all pulled and have dentures in their place but here is the kicker I have good insurance that is willing to pay for alternatives, ones i might add that i didn't know where possible cuz she never mentioned them. Like bone grafts flap surgery, now it is true i have one periodontal abbess and some loose teeth but this dentist said dentures were my only option. why does she see a sucker id she trying to get more out of me i dont know now im sitting here with my hand over mouth like nope im never going to another dentist ever again. this is why people hate dentists:mad::devilish::cry:
Extractions and dentures are cheaper than extensive surgeries and grafts and other restoration work, so I doubt she was trying to get more out of you. Though I understand the lack of trust, and I do wish more dentists explained exactly why they came to the treatment conclusion they did.

Getting a second opinion is often a good idea for cases like these. If the second dentist recommends the same treatment, you can ask them to elaborate on why. Some people genuinely aren't good candidates for certain treatments, so they may have good reason.

Not going back to any dentist again will not make the problems go away, and if you are a candidate for grafts etc, the sooner you go the better, because the longer you leave it, the worse things may get.

Hang in there!