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My experience at the school of dentistry as an emergency patient



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Jun 13, 2016
A few days ago, I suffered from a toothache. Sleeping with this toothache was almost impossible, thus I decided to go to school of dentistry as an emergency patient although I was scared.

I came in at 1:30 p.m. and there were 8 other people already in the waiting room. I waited almost 2 hours to be called. It was so long!!!

It was my first time here. The clinic is pretty old. There are several open cubicles with patients in each one so there is not much privacy.

I was led into a cubicle and I was greeted by 2 dentist students. They examined the problem area in my mouth and took x-rays. My toothache came from a cavity between my 1st and my 2nd lower molars on the right side. One of the students went away to consult with a professor about my case. During this time, the other student made small talk with me. She was a 4th year dentist student and was in charge to help the other student who was more experienced (she mainly held the suction tube in my mouth during the procedure). After about a quarter of an hour, the other student came back. She applied a cold cotton pellet to my tooth on the advice of the professor. It gave me horrible pain. Then, she numbed me and next removed the decay from my tooth. This dentist student was not really friendly. She kept asking me to open my mouth wider and stay still. Fortunately, the other student tried to make me more comfortable and she put her hand on my shoulder when she saw me grimacing because I was feeling pain during the drill (the other dentist student finally decided to give me another shot of anesthesia). In the end, the "unfriendly dentist student" put a temporary filling in my tooth and told me I had to go back to my regular dentist to have it filled in permanently. When I looked in the mirror after my trip to the dental school, I was shocked by the size of the filling (my poor molar must have been badly decayed).

Now, I have to motivate myself to return to the dentist to fix this tooth.
Hi @candy-eater, sorry to hear about the unfriendly dentist student... but well done for getting up the courage to get it seen to... do you have a dentist in mind that you can go to to fix this tooth? Hope the temporary filling is holding up ok and that you're no longer in too much pain!
No, I don't have any regular dentist in mind. I don't want to go back to the last dentist I seen. My tooth is again a bit painful but nothing compared to the pain before going to the dentist. The tempory filling is holding up ok, it is very big 🙁
I did not go back to the dentist since this dental appointment :shame: I have again the temp filling but it is broken. I looked for a dental office but I am scared to book an appointment.

I just read your story here , sorry you had an unfriendly student too :(. glad the one was nice.. I hope you are not in pain again.. and hope you can find a good kind dentist that is patient and gentle. They are out there.. as hard as it is to take that step. I know I read reviews to see if they have any that mention they are good with anxiety.. Hope you can get help soon. :grouphug:

My temp filling fell out but it doesn't hurt.

I booked an appointment with a new dentist and my appointment is on June 9th 😱

I come back from the dentist. I had a complete check up with several x-rays. The dentist told me that my tooth got a root canal when I went to the dental school. He removed the remaining temp filling to visually check the cavity and then he filled the cavity with a new temp filling. The root canal will be complete next time I will go to the dentist. A crown would be necessary but it is expensive and the dentist agrees to get me a filling instead of a crown. He found 2 other cavities during the check up and he said I had a lot of tartar buildup on my teeth.
Well done on making it to the appointment @candy-eater ! What did you think of the new dentist?

All the best with the second part of the root canal 🤗