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My filling just isn’t right and I don’t know how to explain it



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Jun 8, 2024
United Kingdom
I usually go to the dentist for my checkups with my partner as dental/medical situations always cause me great anxiety and I usually faint. The one time I go alone, I have been left with this awful looking filling that I have a review for this coming Thursday, but I have no idea how to approach it.

Situation: was told I needed two teeth filled, shown on xray. Went through with the fillings. The dentist had to hammer something into my teeth to hold them apart or something (wasn’t well explained, but by this point I’d already had a panic attack over the needle - dentist calmed me down and was nice about it, but didn’t want to stop again and ask) I would like to mention, these are WHITE COMPOSITE fillings. The fillings were done on 22/05.

I’ve attached a photo. To me, the marks on the further back tooth seem to be dried blood and glue? It doesn’t come off when I brush it. The front tooth, has a grey stripe going through it. Other people have noticed too. The dentist had to cauterise my gum apparently, which I am unsure why anyway. There is also a large gap between my teeth now (I can fit floss up there easily).

What do I do or say? It’s very difficult to get refunds I have been told in the UK at least. I am getting myself all anxious and worked up yet again, as I say I absolutely hate clinical situations as it is. And now I am worried I will be forced to pay out another £500+ to get more messed up dental work, whilst almost passing out or having a panic attack.


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The mark on the second premolar will polish out.
The front one I'm not sure about, might just be staining but to me it just looks like there is still some decay under the filling, sorry. You need to go back and tell them you're not happy. I don't know about a refund but they shouldn't charge you again to fix this.