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My first filling(s) in at least 3.5+ years!



Junior member
Dec 16, 2016
I put up the pictures in the before/after so feel free to take a look, but I'm so excited! It's the first 2 on the right side of my front teeth, so before I got them fixed, I got used to having pictures taken "on my good side".

I'm a weirdo, so I also took a picture when my teeth were half-done with all of the decay out (I had to use the bathroom with the dam in and gave some poor guy a bit of a shock lol).

I've also been watching dental work videos on youtube, so I asked for a mirror and watched as they put the filling stuff into my teeth. I'm weird, but it helped me and next time I'm going to ask for the mirror so I can watch the drilling. Scaling was an issue until I watched a video on it, and then as they did it I imagined what it looked like from the video. I'm weird, I know lol.

The last time I had a filling done successfully was probably about 2013, but I don't know for sure. The last attempt, I had a panic attack RIGHT AFTER the freezing took effect and had to leave. I gave up after that and instead of pushing to save my teeth, I said okay when they suggested extractions (out of 6 extractions, there's one for sure I regret). Yesterday's appointment gave me a lot of hope. I'm not sure how I feel yet about this new dentist as my old left in 2015, but I know there's always the option of getting a new one.