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My first root canal ... and my second



Junior member
Jul 1, 2021
25 years ago my dentist told me I needed a root canal.
I fainted.
I am a professional hypochondriac, especially having been married to a physician (MD) for 15 years.
I got 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions. They all agreed with the first.
I went back to the first and circumvented the OBVIOUS and asked her to look at the tooth again.
She changed her mind and told me she would replace the filling and that was that.
20 minutes later she said "ok, that's the root canal done, now what else do you want?"
I have never and will NEVER forget that shock.
I felt nothing!!!
Why do all these stupid? comedians only make it worse for those of us who FEAR dental procedures?
Fast forward 25 years and during COVID I let a tooth, whose filling fell out, languish.
8 months later ... I had my dentist (a different one) examine my tooth.
In goes a temporary filling, then she says ... you need a root canal ... I said, in French. "BRING IT ON!"
A month later I find myself in my other home in Paris, in the dentist chair and watch her do my 2nd root canal.
Just as boring as the first ...
Take it from me ... ROOT CANALS are nothing!
Unrelated but kinda like a colonoscopy ... you feel nothing ... the prep is worst ... and with a root canal, perhaps the worst is the ache after the procedure and until the crown arrives. Just enjoy the prescription?

(Here in France they prescribed CoDoliprane (Codeine and Tylenol) and SPIFEN!)
Hey, that‘s a lovely success story. Glad you had this experience! :)
Your first root canal treatment was long ago which is probably why your dentist got away with telling you it would be a filling but performing a root canal treatment instead. Nowadays that would be deception and could have consequences for the dentist. However glad it worked for you then and helped you to lose fear of the treatment.