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My husband finally found a dentist!



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Jul 1, 2018
My husband is worse than me with dental fear. He is also the type of guy to not admit he is afraid. So he will go to a dentist, say he does not like them, and go five years without seeing a dentist. He has had abscessed teeth and has lost two molars on one side due to this. He also grinds his teeth to the point where he has worn down his teeth a lot.

We are moving and I found a new dentist in the area through online research and talking to the office. My husband had a sore tooth, so I got him anew patient appointment. He had to move out ahead of us for work so he is already there. He really likes the guy!

He said the dentist works with special needs patients as well, and he has a passion for that. He is compassionate and did not chastise my husband for not having been at the dentist for five years. He complimented him on his dental hygiene and gently told him what needed to be done (two fillings redone and one crown). He also suggested implants for the missing teeth. My husband listened!!!! He is considering implants, which he would never do before.

I am so happy! If he will go to regular checkups, that will make so much difference!
That’s amazing news! Hope you like him just as much since we know you were bummed to leave your current dentists. That’s so encouraging! I’m sure it helps that he has you!👍🏼Hope your tooth has stopped the popping thing!