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My husband has this phobia



Junior member
Sep 9, 2011
Hello All,

My husband has recently came out and told me that he can't brush his teeth. He gags and hates the taste of toothpaste. See, when he was a child he didn't want to brush them so his grandfather would hold him down and force a toothbrush down his throat until gagged and threw up. Ridiculous if you ask me! But anyways, we have been married for a year and I always knew something was up because he would never let me watch him brush them. Here he hasn't been brushing them. I always wondered why he would have such bad breath. I cant even French kiss him because of this. We are finally working on it but I dont know much about this. I have recovered from doing heroin for 8 yes now so I'm trying to take the 12 step approach slightly modified of course. Do you think that is what I need to do. I was very understanding when he told me all of this. I just want him to be better. Would love to be able to have a make out session without getting Ill. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks I advance!


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Oct 20, 2009
Perhaps show him this website, let him know he is not alone. There was gentleman here with a very similar story who managed his way through getting his teeth fixed nicely. Great journal.



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Oct 16, 2010
Midwest USA
Sorry to slightly highjack this thread...but thank you, RP, for resurecting a Journal that got me to a healthy place. RC was one of my first inspirational "heroes" here. I would love to hear an update from him, and hope that his words continue to inspire all who are searching for hope.
Anyone who reads this beautiful story will know that, despite anything and everything, success is in our grasp.
P.S...a good spouse is irreplaceable. You are your husband's biggest source of support and future success. Stick close to his emotional "side".