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My Husbands Success Story



Apr 10, 2012
A couple of years ago my husband was in agony for months with 3 painful teeth, one was a wisdom, but it has already grown thru and cracked. But I think the other one was the one that hurt him near the front to the side. For ages he didn't go as to fear and pain and also finances as well. He had moods and everything. Plus he had an abscess as well.

In the end I said to him, go to the dentist you cant go on like this, I will come with you, of course being supported by a nervous patient like myself is not really a great thing. Obviously I had told him years before of my horror story of my first wisdom when had it out, being on dentist chair hour and half awake while he pulled and yanked etc. Thats what put the fear up me after that, see, before this was done I wasnt to bad.

Anyways, he went to the dentist and at first she gave him antibiotics as to the abscess for a week. When he returned the abscess had not cleared up so the tooth was actually causing it. She warned him, look, this may be quite painful as you have abscess that has not cleared up. He said mmm ok then!

Then she pulled it out and he was amazing and so was the dentist, he didnt feel any pain at all, he said it actually tickled and he was laughing. The dentist said are you sure you feel No pain. He said No nothing. Then following week he went back and had other 2 out and a couple of fillings. He said no pain at all. He even went out to the shops after having it done. The dentist was even shocked that 3 infected teeth, an abscess and no pain.

All I can think is that he must have a very high pain threshold. After I joke with him and said you must have Aliens gums, not human ones. Your gums must have been delivered by another planet some where, where they feel no pain.

He has no fear of going to dentist any more. To him its nothing now! I am still amazed myself. Cause I wont lie and when I have had stuff done it has hurt me a bit. I do have sensitive teeth as well.


Super Moderator
Jan 5, 2012
I am pleased for your husband, but you should not feel any pain when having work done, they should numb you and if you feel the slightest thing should give you more, in future make sure you feel fully numbed before they start. You can ask them to test the area before they start.

But good for your husband, surprising success story, I wish I had his gums and teeth if he has no pain, that would cure us all of our phobias.

Thank you for sharing. :)