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My Journey To a New Smile

Mikey Boy

Mikey Boy

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Dec 4, 2009
I figured that I would start a new journal and try to give you all a brief back story and document my new journey to a New smile and a new chapter in my life. I was always scared of the dentist as long as I can remember throughout my childhood and into my teenage and adult years but there were a couple of times when I was a kid going to the dentist that always haunted me to this day.

For the most part they weren’t that bad but when they were bad it really stuck with me sometimes when I would go to the dentist for a cleaning or whatever they would have people come in the room and hold me down while they worked on me now I usually was pretty good at staying still during procedure but them holding me down like I was some animal made my fear even worse keep in mind I was around 6 years old when they did these things so needless to say over the years growing up I stopped going less and lass.

so after years and years of neglect and shame I have gotten to the point in my life now where I really need to get my oral health under control so I had my first consultation in years and it was actually really good the staff there were amazing and I’m feeling really good about the future now.
I have my first procedure scheduled for April 5 for my first set of extractions so I’m super nervous about it but I’m also ready to get this new journey started
Still very nervous about tomorrow but I think I’m just more anxious than anything else it has also caused me to eat less and less each day not because I’m sick but I’m just so nervous that I don’t really feel like eating much which isn’t good hopefully the Valium will help take the edge off and make it easier
Well the first procedure went well I got there and the staff were very nice and reassuring helping me through the whole procedure stopping if they needed to I barely felt any pain at all
Finally called the office today and scheduled my next set of extractions I’m still waiting to hear back from my insurance company on how much they covered for my first appointment and what I’ll need to pay out-of-pocket pretty nervous about this next appointment but also excited because I’ve been having some toothaches on that side recently
@mikey boy Hi Mikey! I hope you are doing well. You are brave for your journey and I admire you! Best of luck to you :)
@mikey boy every step of the way counts! You are on your way! :)
Mikey boy
Love that you started a journal, you will look back and see how far you came and all you've done!
Its encouraging when you have to tackle new things to look back and see all you made it through! You got some solid momentum going on!! :cheer2::cheer2:
Thank you 😊 I love dentist that I have now and hopefully they pull me out of my fear
Well I don’t have too much longer to go now before my next procedure on Monday can’t say I’m excited about it but I’m not completely scared either I have to swing by the dentist office on Friday and pick up my Valium which I might end up using throughout the course of my journey from now on because I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle appointments without it
You know I guess I never really address a lot of the shame disappointment that I have in my teeth at 31 years old I did not think that they would get this bad but looking back at it now I can see how being so scared of the dentist at such a young age has had a huge effect on me and changed everything about me it’s just hard to go on every day and not have a good smile or not be able to smile at all and yeah I know I’m Ive started my journey to get all these things address it doesn’t make it any easier just really grateful to have everyone here to vent to Sorry if there are spelling errors I’m not the best at typing

Did you have your procedure this week or is that next week? if it was this week how did it go?
@mikey boy Hi Mikey
how are you doing? My heart and support goes out to you. Little by little get things taken care of and know that you are getting better and in charge. Face that dentist! I feel you, im in the same boat. I have to mentally psyche myself up for any sort of dental issue. I can not control it either. Sending comfort and understanding.
@nervmania thank you 😊 to be honest man I’m struggling right now it’s hard because my anxiety and emotions often get the best of me and it’s hard to keep everything in check but I definitely want this so I’m gonna keep pushing forward no matter what I appreciate all the support
I think usually the worst part for me before dental treatment is the few days before and right as I walk in the door .. as far as nerves. thats really a hard part.. I hope you can have a good weekend and distractions, though I know that is hard on the count down. We are with you!
I think usually the worst part for me before dental treatment is the few days before and right as I walk in the door .. as far as nerves. thats really a hard part.. I hope you can have a good weekend and distractions, though I know that is hard on the count down. We are with you!
I’m gonna try to find things to keep me preoccupied so thank you for the support it means a lot
Well everything is all set for Monday morning at 10 am really nervous but excited to get it over with
I am so nervous I can’t sleep granted I just got off work but still I’m so on edge I won’t be able to sleep at all