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My Journey To a New Smile

So today i had the upper deep cleaning done and honestly it was not that bad at all the only part that hurt was when she was gauging the pockets below the gum which kinda hurt but she was very gentle with me today and took very good care of me so no worries there next will be the deep cleaning below the gum which i am very nervous about but haven’t scheduled for it yet because of money constraints
So i must admit i have been slacking a little bit when it comes to my journey i haven’t been back to the dentist since July, because I’ve been trying to pay off some of the money I owe on my care credit account and I am a little bit worried because some tartar has started to build up again and it’s not a lot but we all know that a little tartar is too much so I’m going to try and make an appointment soon to get my deep cleaning finished because they still need to do below the gumline cleaning and then after that is done it will be time to move on to the next part, which I believe will be my root canals.
So I’m sitting outside in my backyard just thinking about some different things and I called the dentist the other day to set up the second half of my deep cleanings so that I can get that part finished and continue on with my journey and as I made those appointments, I recognized, how anxious and kind a terrified I was making the appointment now. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever fully gotten over your phobia or like aren’t scared of the dentist anymore at after you’ve gotten to where you want to be with your oral hygiene but I don’t know if I’ll ever not be afraid of going to the dentist like right now I just can’t see myself not being afraid of going because it’s like I always feel like it’s an instinct that I have and I’m sure a lot of you still have it as well but for me it feels like it’s always intense and the closer I get to the appointments next year the worse it will get I don’t know it’s just something that’s always been on my mind and I would be happy to hear your thoughts .
So Thursday i go in to get my deep cleanings finished and I’m kinda freaking out inside i know shouldn't be but its been a while since i was in last and my anxiety is on high right now so I’m just hoping all goes well wish me luck!!!
I don’t know why i am on edge this morning i guess i am scared there will be a problem while they are doing the deep cleaning.
Best of luck for your cleaning today, @mikey boy - hopefully, it will go as well as the last one :grouphug:
@letsconnect so everything went well better than I thought it would and my hygienist said I’m doing a great job of brushing my teeth
Everything went well today at the dentist. She said I’m doing a good job of cleaning my teeth but that I need to do a little bit better job of brushing towards the gumline on my bottom front teeth but other than that everything looked good and I am all set for my oral surgery on the 17th.
Well, everything is set for my surgery on the 17th I was able to get the day off from work that day so I can go through with the surgery. They will hopefully be taking out the lower left wisdom tooth that is sitting right next to my nerve in my jaw. I’m not necessarily scared about it. It’s just the unknown that I’m scared of. Hopefully everything goes well though.
Well the surgery went well I honestly don’t remember anything about it all apart from before they got started and were hooking my I.V in my arm and oxygen and everything else i am now resting at home and recovering
Congratulations @mikey boy that’s really great news :)

Wishing you a very speedy recovery!
I am actually very impressed with this dentist office. They even called me back this morning to ask me how I was doing which is amazing I’ve never had that level of kindness from a dentist office
So today I went and talked to my dentist about the next steps in my treatment plan, and we talked about a lot of good things. Firstly, he wants to get me fitted for a partial denture that will give me more teeth in the back of my mouth to be able to chew better And I have some cavities that need to be taken care of before we get my front teeth sorted out which he did give me a secondary option of pulling my four front middle teeth and putting in a partial bridge which I’m not sure if I want to do I haven’t really made up my mind on it yet But all in all it was a very good appointment and I’m feeling very optimistic about the future
So today I scheduled my cavity fillings and partial bridge impression for next week on Tuesday after getting a second opinion from another dentist, I can confidently say that I am comfortable and not as nervous about the procedure still scared because that will never go away but I think I’m ready for it
So everything went well at the dentist today he ended up not doing a cavity filling because it was for a tooth that didn’t need a cavity filling so we just did an impression today i go back next week to try it on and then I will get it in two weeks Kind of bummed because I thought he was doing a cavity filling on a tooth that has an open cavitie right now but he didn’t do that so I’ll need to reschedule for that