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My last confident smile was over 20 years ago



Junior member
Sep 11, 2019
Hi everyone here is my sad story story! Hopefully there's people out there that can relate and give me some advice. I am a 27 year old male with lots of missing teeth, and the rest that are in my mouth are rotting. I'm well past the point of experiencing any tooth pain. My biggest problem is that im afraid to smile, i cant chew food properly. Its frustrating when im in a public area and a cute girl looks at me, I smile and she runs for cover... ? For the first time in my life i realized no matter how good you look if your smile is bad your a monster in other peoples eyes ... I live in Milwaukee, WI , I immigrated to the united states from my early childhood of 6 years old from a 3'D world, war torn country called, Sarajevo Bosnia. I lost my first tooth in my home country, boys being boys running around i fell through a hole clipping my top teeth on the edge of the concrete side walls. I lost my tooth, slit my lip in half, and the impact misaligned my teeth. Thats when the problems started ... Horribly misaligned teeth from a young age couldn't afford braces or to get them fixed. My insecurity eventually led me down a dark path of drug addiction which impacted the health of my teeth even more. Long story short now im 27 years old with a horrid smile, but the bright side is at least im sober now. I've been fighting all my life, the last time i smiled with confidence is when i was that little boy right before i fell in to that hole. I would give anything to smile with confidence one more time.

Im planning on getting all on 4 implants done for my top teeth. I would love to know how the procedure is, how much it costs,and if its worth it or if there are any alternatives. Judging from the way things are im thinking implants are my only option. I would love some feed back, any tips.

1. Correction: you have NOT had your last confident smile.

Fact: you have many more in your future. Perhaps in your near future.

2. Bosnia was a very difficult place 27 years ago. I’ve met several survivors. Call in that same courage and resourcefulness. You owe it to your friends who didn’t make it.

3. The cuties of the Upper Midwest better get ready, because your upcoming improved smile is going to be flashing all around WI.

4. I am genuinely curious: at the time of the World Cup, what team do you support?

I ask because I think most of the balkans used to be Yugoslavia, but now the area is very fractured, which must make soccer complex.

5. You’re going to make it. I can tell. Keep us posted. You’re already a success.
Well ... your reply just improved my already depressed mood... i love my self the way i am, but boy what i wouldn't give for a nice bright smile. Im glad you know your history, to most people Sarajevo is just a microscopic blip in this vast world. After the war i quit keeping up with soccer, having no family in the states its a lonely experience to watch your country play + i have become Americanized :) . Soon ill start saving some money and get those dang teeth, and on my journey towards the prize ill keep you in mind. It helps a lot hearing a stranger say i can do it. Thank you so much..
You’re welcome. You’re an American now, and with some hard work ($), you can make your life better, including dentally.

Get ready to use your new American teeth on our foods such as pork rinds, tortilla chips, corn on the cob, steak, and other wonderfully pointy and crunchy foods.

Since you won’t be suffering much dentally soon, if you must feel sorrow and not know when things will get better, since teeth-sorrow won’t be present anymore, then feel free to support the US men’s national team.

You’re going to make it. I’m looking forward to future posts.

I send you wishes to go on a hundred dates with all the pretty brunettes of WI. Keep us posted.
Hi there :welcome:,

you got some lovely advice already, but I wanted to offer support too. Dentistry had come a long way and it‘s possible to find a solution for anything so no matter where you are at with your smile right now, a dentist will be able to fix it.

You mentioned all on 4, so I was wondering whether you had seen a dentist already or if it is more what you think you will need. The general advice is always to get a nice understanding dentist who would take a look to tell you what your options are and how to approach it in the best way. We had a thread about all on 4 somewhere here, which I sadly can‘t find right now, I will post it once I find it.

Hats off for having fought addiction (besides all the other stuff you have been through), you have a reason to be proud of yourself. Hope you get the smile you wish soon too.

All the best wishes and keep us posted
We had a thread about all on 4 somewhere here, which I sadly can‘t find right now, I will post it once I find it.

Here's a tip: the built-in Xenforo search ignores words that are too short (3 letters or less), so searches for All-on-4 or GA won't return any results. If you are on a laptop or desktop, you click on the magnifying glass search symbol in the top navigation bar (Where it says Home Common Fears What Can Help Forum etc.). On a mobile device, go to our homepage www.dentalfearcentral.org and use the search there (in the drop-down burger menu at the very bottom).

Anyway, I think this is the thread you were referring to: All-on-4 (Content Warning: contains explicit images) :)