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My long nightmare/story!

Someone answer!
What does your dentist say? Did he/she check your bite? New crowns always feel a bit strange; I guess a whole new mouthful of teeth take a bit of getting used to. They look good. Well done on getting through the process.
For real? they look awful they are 2/3 times bigger than they should be for my tiny mouth. They are not crowns they are plastic temps+will be coming out later as insisted as I still can't eat/drink/talk they are suffocating me.its taken all morning to speak to anyone+had no sleep.
They do look a little big. Did the dentist say what their thoughts were or did they just say try them out and see what you think? Do you feel comfortable telling the dentist exactly what is wrong while they are in your mouth?
They are out now thank god,the numbing took ages to go+slight pain on right side still, can't decide if that's from the plastic being jammed in for the last 24hrs or him poking around etc (was extremely painful at one point was literally jumping out the chair). I did say last time they were too big I know at some point you have to get used to something being there just didn't know they'd cause me 24hrs of grief.
I would imagine that after 8? years of not having teeth, anything would feel weird and painful for a while. I can’t imagine how that would be. I had only two lower molars out for eight months and when the implant crowns were put in at the same time, it felt so wrong and huge in my mouth. They hurt for a while, too…pinching the gums and caused a feeling of pressure. It took a year for me to finally feel like they belong. Even after they stopped hurting, it felt odd. I just had my lower first molar implant crown put in on the other side and it felt huge as well but when I look in the mirror, it looks normal.

I do know that when my upper front implant was placed, it stretched the gums to the point where they were white and very tight and uncomfortable. It was quite painful for about 24 hours until they loosened up. I imagine with yours having all the gums stretched it would be very painful.

Did they say they could make them smaller? With my front implant crown, I was not happy at all with the first one, but the dentist seemed fine with it. It was only after I brought up that it was the wrong shape and color that he agreed with me and we got it changed out. You might have to be more forceful. I struggle with that and it was hard for me.
Yeah I noticed once home that my upper right gum was white I think its gone back to pink now,well my dentist phoned this morning to see how I was+wants to see me next so for an X-Ray (not sure if anything else). The other dentist was a bit concerned that there was so much pain near the back upper one it seemed fine 4wks ago but like I say could just have been irritated+will find out next so I guess. I've also got doctors next wk its just never ending just wish I could go somewhere nice for a change before the weather gets completely cold+miserable.
*Week not so
Appointment number 8 (out of 6) is next week not really sure what's going on now as we've gone over the 6 appointments, he said he would make them smaller+reduce the plastic on roof,not quite sure how that will help if its still there. ? Im on a few implant forums+I just don't understand how everyone else has such nice looking temps+they don't look plastic.
So yesterday went all the way to my appointment only to be told my dentist wasn't in that day+the appointment had been cancelled, they said they'd left a voicemail but clearly we hadn't got it or we wouldn't have trekked there. What's worse is they can't fit me in now till December may not seem long to some but like I've said its forever when you've got nothing to do all day everyday, there's me thinking it may have actually ended by xmas. ?
Pretty bad seeing as we paid half the full amount the other week+so far got nothing to show for it ,plus don't want something fitted right on xmas because if there's any problems they'll be shut (and won't be able to eat).
So had an appointment last week they tried to fit the top ones but they weren't any different so didn't leave with them,asked what would happen if vaccine passports were brought in he said he didn't think they would be. Cue 10 days later I have another appointment in a few days and vaccine passports have been brought in (partially for now) I'm just worried that if I leave there with something+rules change again then I won't be able to go back+get anything taken out+ be stuck like that again. Dental appointments are stressful enough shouldn't have this to worry about as well. ?
On Tuesday I had another try in for the uppers they were uncomfortable+still big so had them taken back out Wednesday, the dentist now thinks we should go straight to the zirconia ones is this wise? Has anyone gone straight to finals before? I haven't got the next appointment yet he says he'll be in touch in about 2wks.
I don’t have an answer for you since I have never had temps with any of my implants. They just went straight to the final crown. I know yours are full mouth so totally different. Mine always felt odd and too large for the first week or so until I got used to them.
I hope you can get someone to answer you and get this worked out!
@MountainMama I'm ok with going straight to zirconia as long as they look+function right,next appointment is going to be rather nervy at what he's done+whether I like it.
I imagine it will be. You are so close to the end and want a natural looking set of teeth. It would be so disappointing to wait so long and then they are a total letdown.
@MountainMama Exactly,I've now got to try+distract myself in the meantime. ?
So fed up with this now my last appointment was 3wks ago (they said they'd phone in 2) they didnt so phoned they said when they know more they'd get back to us then told today that next appointment will probably not be for another few wks (well why not just say that several wks ago when we were there). I can't bare to sit here any longer with nothing to do+no conversation its so boring,plus my eatings got worse+my stomach hurts most of the time. ?
So my uppers were fitted today,honest opinions before I give my view.


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How are people ment to respond if its in the ask a dentist section?