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My mental health made me ruin my teeth.



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Mar 11, 2022
Stockton, C.A.
I am 23 almost 24. My mental health hasn't been great since I was about 13. I have seriously neglected my teeth and I'm absolutely terrified of going to the dentist and finding out I have to lose all my teeth. My gums have receeded, I have cavities everywhere, a tooth with a crack down the middle...etc. I'm afraid if I lose all my teeth I'll be alone for the rest of my life.im trying to get in to the dentist but I keep going into panic attacks and backing out. The few times Ive been to a dentist, it's been horrible experiences. Not listening to me when I say my mouth isn't numb, one of my teeth breaking during cleaning, bad fillings falling out to reveal rotten chasms In the tooth, it goes on. Any advice? Edit:I forgot to mention that I don't make much money, so I cant afford these super expensive life changing dentists. I can afford what takes medi-cal...
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I'm in the same boat as you. I finally forced myself to go for a consult last August and it honestly wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. My gums are receding and I thought I would end up losing my front bottom teeth but all they want me to do is have root planing and scaling done (which is scheduled for next week so I'm trying to remain calm) because I don't have much bone loss at this point. Have you tried asking your family doctor for something to help calm you just to get you through the door. That's how I got up the nerve just for the initial visit.
@Laine1109 that's a great idea thank you! It honestly helps just to get a response to this as well. I never thought about talking to my normal doctor about my teeth. And congratulations on the progress. I set up my first appointment in years for this upcoming Monday. Wish me luck!
Completely understand your fear, the dental area is very private, I have the same I encountered lots of dentists the past years because i had no other choice because the problems i had needed attention. I may been to 10 different, if not more, over the past years because some didnt understand the problem or were not good. I think you should look at the reviews of the dentists online and just have a consultation, tell them to not touch anything, just to look and give an advice then at least you know whatsup. or maybe do this with too different ones and see what they say. then you can always look what to do after that.. because now maybe the things you imagine in your mind don't match reality.. maybe it's less bad but yes i do completely understant it it's horrible to go :( i hope you had something from this to feel better
@Gijsbon absolutely. Thank you very much. That's a great idea!
@Reolgigas I think we all probably think things are worse than they are. I went to the consultation thinking I needed root canals and would lose at least 2 teeth but that wasn't the case. Great job on taking the first step and making an appointment! I'll also be at the dentist for my root planing on Monday. Good luck!

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