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My poor old teeth



Junior member
May 5, 2017
Hi I went for a check up after 2 years absence (covid restrictions)
It was a new dentist very competent.X-rays showed she said I had “some bone loss” and some periodontitis.Did not give me any more info but booked me in for a deep cleaning.My worries
How painful will this be?
Some of my fillings are 50 years old will they take the stress?
My teeth are old/fragile is it wise to have this done?
My teeth /gums aren’t sensitive but I do get bits of bleeding sometimes when I brush
Please help I am scared and trying to think of reasons not to go (have anxiety disorder)
Thank you dentists:anybody?


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
1) This is 2022, it shouldn't be painful at all. If it is, get them to do something about it :)
2) Yes, doesn't affect your fillings in the slightest
3) Yes or else you won't have them forever
4) The bleeding is a sign that things are not healthy. Periodontal disease is a "silent" process, there is no pain and often very little sign that anything is wrong until it's too late.

I hope this helps, if there's anything else you need to know, just ask.