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My remaining teeth are slowly disintegration....and I’m too embarrassed to seek help



Junior member
Feb 23, 2019
West London
Hi everyone

New to the forum. I have very few teeth left and am too frightened and ashamed to go to a regular dentist. I have many missing teeth and not my two front teeth have signs of decay. I fear if I don’t do anything I’ll lose them too. Are there are dentists in west London (or dentists easy to get to) who are good with nervous patients with a bombsite of a mouth? Getting worried and down about it and can’t speak to people face to face anymore ?

Thanks in advance x
Did you look at the recommendation section of the forum? There is a few listed under London. I don’t know much about London, so I don’t know how accessible they would be too you.
I don't know of any dentists in London, but I do send you wishes for success. Good luck.
We've had some people travel from London to see Lincoln (who answers questions here on the forum) in Welwyn Garden City. Depending on whereabouts in West London you are and/or whether you have access to a car, that might also be an option? The URL is https://www.gardencitydental.co.uk/who-we-are/
I'm across the world but if I were anybit near Lincoln, I would see him in a heartbeat! From all the times hes answered on this site and the help he's given me , he is so kind and understanding of dental anxiety and just a great person! I hope you can find a good dentist if you are unable to try him.
Hi Kazza,

I can only amplify what the posts above say! Lincoln is amazing and really enjoys helping people who are afraid of dentistry. He will understand the feelings you are dealing with and know how to help. You can get in touch with him via email first if you feel not confident enough to schedule right away.

Let us know how you got on