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My Story from the worlds worst dental Phobia-ist :)



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Mar 25, 2010
My Story will be posted here on this thread so please bookmark watch this space,
this story will help the most scared terrified people who like myself would of rather of
been stabbed multiple times than go and see the dentist.

This story covers everything including pre-dental problems i.e. awful dentists with arrogant attitudes
which was the reason my mouth was in such a state in the first place.

I'm working on this story in segments so please bare with me
The Devils in White Coats [AKA the Dentist my Story]

Hiya people as I promised weeks ago I said I would write my story from the beginning
To the very end … thank god it’s almost over only 2 more sessions to go till I’m done.

This whole story is broke up into sections for easy reading I’m sorry it’s so long but
This is to HELP the person who’s going to go through this surgery in the future
And maybe just maybe this story is going to be the Rock they need to get through it!

The following is going to cover different sections so if your surgery includes
Any of the following this story is really for you J

1.)Extractions [upper/lower]
3.)Partial Upper Denture
4.)Partial Lower Denture
5.)Fear of Needles
6.)Fear of the Actual Dentist
7.)Fear of the un-known
8.)Fear of Numbness and after effects
9.)Fear of the pain
10.) Worried how everything will be afterwards
11.) Worried about wearing partials or dentures, pain, and what to expect
12.) Worried if you will be-able to eat what you will be-able to eat..
13.) Worried how dentures look? They are not my own teeth! Pfft.. please.


If your terrified totally phobic of needles pointy things that stab into you then
You are FAR from alone I am probably one of the worst phobic people on the planet.
So if you’re like me and scared of dentists or as I call them Devils in white Coats
Then keep reading your going to like what I have in store for you muwahahaa…

This Story is going to touch on some of the reasons from my childhood which got
Me terrified of the dentist in the first place right up to where I lost all my top front teeth
All because the dentist refused to do the front before doing the back fillings but more on
This later anyway I’ll begin so if you are scared terrified of an up coming appointment
Then relax, stop shaking sweating and take a little time to read the story of how I went to hell
and found the guy with the horns and a pitch fork J I assure you when you have
Finished reading this story you will be 10x stronger and I promise not to sugar coat things
You know… oh this isn’t going to hurt a bit then ouch!!! You climb the walls in pain.
it’s much better to know what to expect before it happens so sugar coating I won’t do.

First i would like to say a massive thank you to Craig my own Dentist I have sent
His boss a glowing appraisal and recommendation for his attitude and work at the surgery
If this dentist didn’t go above and beyond the call of duty I would be in hospital right now Having
more needles more pain more people poking around inside my mouth I’d of had stitches now where my gums
would have been cut open but due to his persistence and attitude he did not give up like 99% of all other dentists
would have they’d of been like it’s not my problem its not my mouth I don’t know you your not family so who cares what happens to you…

but not my dentist and for this I cannot praise or thank him enough As without this specific dentist I know I would
never of had any dental treatment done at all. I wouldn’t have gone any where else so he’s basically saved my health and probably my life.
As abscesses can be life threatening if not treated correctly and just left alone which I was prepared to do.

I have shown him this forum so he can pass the story or many other stories onto his
Clients so they can just like me and many others here get some comfort from other people
Who is or has gone through the same aweful procedure or just to get advice and help.

Every little thing helps when it comes to Dentist work and going through the surgery.

It all started in a galaxy far far away… oh sorry wrong story J…
It all started when I was 9

(I’m currently 32 now) I had a massive tooth ache At this point I knew I needed
to go to the dentist this at the time didn’t bother me at all.

I was a tough kid nothing bothered me or scared me but boy was I in for a shock.

There was no such thing as the injection into the gum and stay awake when I was young
It was a general where you was knocked out by injection to the arm or gas mask
That was the only option so I had the needle To the Arm, this is where it all begun.

On the needle entering my arm it hurt a little but was expected then he missed the vain.
On the 3-4th attempt at hitting this pesky vain it started to sting a lot so I started complaining saying it’s burning
its really burning at this point the devil said oh don’t be silly and continued… on the 6th-8th attempt at this point I was
screaming my arm was now black and blue bruised the swelling was now like a tennis ball but egor continued to
Poke and prod me and that was it… I was in agony now!!!! My dad had to hold me down
I was screaming I’m going to kill him I’m going to smash his face in then at this point
Low and behold egor found the vain and poof I was out like a light.

On waking up I was so dizzy and didn’t have a clue where I was I went home with my dad on getting home I was still in pain
my dad told me its because I had the tooth out.

After a few hours the pain got worse when my dad prized my mouth open he’d noticed
The Dentist had took the wrong tooth out … yip the tooth which was the one hurting
Was still there throbbing away while the tooth he pulled out was in my opinion a good tooth.

Within a hour I was back in the devils chair awaiting more pain my arm was black
And blue and the size of a blood orange and egor was now somehow supposed to find
The vain, lucky he hit it first time this time and again I was out.

I come around and wow! This time no pain all was great I was a happy kid.
Now over time of my mind playing tricks on me I then started to get worse and worse
The fear of anything doctors, nurses, injections, anything in a formal building scared the
Hell out of me to the point I couldn’t even go to school due to fear of “the building”

At some point I managed to drag my ass to school and got over the fear of being in places
Which was formal, my life continued on until I got to 17 then the fun started.

------ Now you see where the fear come from? and why I am phobic of needles and such
This first part should now make you think back to what it was that caused your problems.
At some point something happened which got you on the fear track like I did so think back and stop making the problem
bigger than it actually was this is what keeps you scared.

Part 2 in the Post Below due to 15000 character limit.
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The Dentist Age 17

When I was 17 I went to the dentist for a checkup as I noticed I had black starting to grow inside the front two top teeth
with a small pin prick hole on the side I thought it Was nothing anyway when I got there my OLD dentist told me I had 14 teeth that needed
To come out and 7 fillings I was shocked like one of them TV moments.

I didn’t eat sweets I brushed my teeth regular but low and behold all these teeth?
I thought we’ll I’m not in any pain so I will just continue on since the end out come was
I’d of had to have them out anyway might as well see how long I can go with them in.

At some point I can’t remember when it was exactly I was hit in the face with a brick.
The brick snapped 2 lower teeth clean off, and shattered the top 3 teeth the teeth which
Was already starting to go black so as you can imagine this did not help the leaving it
And hoping it would go away theory lol

It got to the point where the black was coming more noticeable in the front teeth so I went back to my OLD dentist
and asked him could he please do the front the reply I got was NO I asked why he said Because if I do the front you wont
come back for the rest done I was so angry and upset.

I asked him but I am I asking you as a customer I want the front done he still refused.
I went to 7 dentists all said the same thing NO.. I will not do the front until the backs done.

At this point I was Furious !!!! how dare they!! If I had a car with a blowing exhaust and
A cracked manifold or crank casing and I took it into the garage only to be told I’m sorry
I won’t fix the exhaust until I’ve done the manifold or casing you’d be like I’m sorry you will do what I ask I’m the customer…
it’s bizarre totally bizarre that these dentists will not act like any other business on this planet where you ask for something to be done
And they refuse until they do what they want to do first… totally weird the fact they get away with it….

Rant over… so now I have messed up front teeth I cannot get fixed or treated so I just
Continue my life on… until I get to about 26 and think to myself right I’m now an adult I will get somewhere now they
have to treat me like a MAN not a kid.

Nope same bloody thing everywhere I went they would not do the front teeth first.
So needless to say by the time I hit 30 my front teeth was un-savable and had to come out.

Present Time The Actual Dentist

Just before Xmas this year I got an abscess in a lower tooth so decided to go and see
A dentist …. Ha-ha .. Because I wasn’t registered I couldn’t get an appointment for 2 weeks great …
so I couldn’t get antibiotics for 2 weeks so lived with the pain for 2 weeks. I can’t blame my new dentist for this it was
just their policy so anyway two weeks went by and I got to see my NEW dentist he looked at the teeth and said
14 have to come out Including 5 at the front yay!! Teeth that could have been saved
years ago but because Of stupid dentists all over the county and their attitudes now they needed to come out.
Thank you very much mr Flarety, Mr Brown, and all the other

Dentists who refused to help me, thank you now I’m front tootheless.

The thing that scared me half to death is the majority of the back teeth had decayed
And snapped off that much they was below the gum line which means oral Surgery
Which means hospital and cutting your gums open to get all the tooth out since there
Is nothing to grab a hold of. Well all the dentists told me I needed an oral surgeon
But not my dentist he assured me he could pop them teeth under the gum line right out
This was half my fear since I did not want to go to any hospital and have my gums sliced open and then re-stiched back up.

Take my Word for this DO NOT stick with one dentist shop around just like you would
With items you buy from different online vendors this makes the world of difference
The Dentist isn’t just a Dentist they don’t just do the same job don’t be under the impression that they are all the same
they are not BELIEVE me each and every dentist Is not the same if you are not 100% happy with your dentist don’t just put up with it
As when you find the Right Dentist it makes the WORLD of difference and I have found mine. I know if it wasn’t for this guy doing my dental work
I could not have it done anywhere else for instance if the guy left or got sick there is no way I could go anywhere else and have dental work done
its got to be by this guy period.

Part 3 below
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A little about this Dentist

For Security reasons I won’t give his full name or the dental practice he works at.
but I will tell you I am currently in the uk England so its somewhere here J

This Dentist is my age he is the most wonderful dentist I have ever come across and I have been through many believe me J

His name is Craig he not only listens he understands too he is so helpful and goes above and beyond the call of duty
with his patients if your scared like I am he will take his time
He will do things he wouldn’t normally do just to make it more comfi for you.

I couldn’t sing this guy enough praises. So the moral of this story is FIND the right Dentist and don’t stop until you do else
you will have the worst time ever! And end up Losing all your teeth which the right dentist will actually help you to save them!

Anyway I explained to craig why my teeth was so bad he was shocked that I’d been though so many dentists to
find I couldn’t get done what I wanted.So he understood my troubles and issues and told me we’ll take it slow very slow.

The first 3 appointments was no injections no work done just impressions for lower
And upper dentures [partials not full] for anyone who’s going for this done it’s great
You sit there open your mouth wide as a lion while he shoves this tray in full of cold gel
When you bite down it feels weird at first you might gag a little but after the shock is over you are feeling fine…
2-3 mins of sitting there while this gel sets then comes the fun

When they remove the impression its hard and it sticks to your teeth like superglue lol
Oh the fun he had trying to loosen the implant it felt like all my teeth was going to
Come out with the impression J don’t worry they didn’t and it didn’t hurt just felt
Some pulling and it then popped off. So the same with the bottom J

The next appointment he was going to do some Tarter and plague scraping to make the
Denture a better fit I was a little worried about this since it involved a drill and such
(Normal scraping and plaque removal doesn’t include any drilling at all) just mine was
That thick he had to drill it off the tooth there was no pain it was just noisy and I didn’t need to have any needles,
but again another painless session until the next session.

On the 3rd visit it was more impression work again same thing bit into a gum shield of gel
Wait for it to get hard … then watching him have fun trying to remove it without pulling
All my teeth off with it lol … I actually laughed he did too.

4th-5th visit was extractions I lay down shaking in the chair nearly flopping out of it like
I was some kind of drugged jelly fish, then it happened FEAR I froze panic set in I couldn’t do it
I could not go through with it I apologized ran out.

6th 10th visit same thing every single time I went I froze couldn’t do it I was shaking
At this point he told me someone of my nervousness should have this done under a
Semi-Sedation which I was nearly sick.. The thought of injections in arm/hand I couldn’t
Take it… I was at the point of feeling like I just wanted to die it would be easier.

Don’t forget at this time 3 months after Xmas I still had this abscess which was still growing…
and getting worse yep still had this sucka and it was getting worse but this still did not make me
want to get the tooth out fear stopped me.

2 weeks went by I was now on anti-biotics to help with the infection but it was not helping, at this point
I tried to make a new appointment.. I needed this thing out now!.

On my 11th visit I sat there in the chair he asked me am I ready am I going to be ok?
I needed this thing out so I decided yep lets go for it I opened my mouth as he started
The injections.

As for the injections take your nail and put it on the gum push has hard as you can
Pinch the gum, scratch the gum see what that feels like? Well the needle feels nothing
Like that at all… I can’t find a way to reconstruct what it feels like but it does sting a little.

Once the injection is in your mouth feels tight and starts to tingle and go numb
Once your tongue is numb and your lips he then starts over on the other injections
These you do not feel at all.. Mind you I had 4 teeth out on the right lower side
2 of these teeth was 1mm from the gum line snapped off so you can imagine the
Trouble he had getting them out…

Any other dentist in the world would have thought its way too much hassle too much
Trouble for them and referred you to hospital so they didn’t have to deal with it.
But not my Dentist he took the job on and boy did he get the job done well…

Imagine trying to get a tooth out which is not there snapped off under the gum line?
Sounds like a job for an oral surgeon right? Nope this guy flipped them out perfectly
No need for stitches or a cut gum I won’t lie he struggled like hell trying to get them out
But there was no pain just a feeling of pushing and pulling nothing more than that people.

Extractions are very messy and they don’t hurt just feel un-comfy that is all unless
You find one of the teeth won’t numb up and after 18 shots [which you don’t feel]
Your tooth still won’t numb up now this happened to my back molar the last tooth
He needed to get out the tooth which was not broken below the gum line

So lets re-cap the teeth broken below the gum line somehow he got them all out
Within minuets the teeth which was whole and didn’t need any kind of digging
Wouldn’t to come out J so if you have teeth broken below the gum line and worried about it
Don’t they are more easy to get out than a full tooth or so it seemed.

On the back molar getting took out I won’t lie I felt every minute of it but the pain
Is not like toothache pain it’s a sharp stabbing which lasts for about 3 seconds as the
Tooth is coming out what’s 3 seconds? Anyone with an abscess knows that the pain in
That tooth is like someone attaching 30,0000 volts of pure electric to that tooth tip.
So 3 seconds of a stabbing pain is nothing.

Once these teeth was out great I thought it’s over well yes it was but you have to remember you’ve
just ripped a bone out of a gum there is going to be some kind issue.

This is the part where you have to be brave the whole extraction part is not an issue
It really isn’t the actual dental work is nothing compared to the pain after the extractions
Oh and the numb feeling in your tongue and side of your mouth/face personally
I cannot stand this numb feeling I hate it so much I want to cry when it happens
Yes the whole thing is nothing compared to how I personally feel about numbness

Well it gets worse for me J in a 1 in a million chance and I mean 1 in a million
He hit the nerve for the tongue … yep you guessed it tongue was still numb after
The injections worse off, and the numbness stayed with me 3 weeks!!! But you know what as scary as
it sounds after a day you get so used to it you don’t even notice it!
It was weird when the numb feeling worse off 3 weeks later that’s how un-noticeable it is.

There is no easy way to say this and I won’t sugar coat it but there is going to be pain
And a lot of it after the tooth has come out for about an hour or 2 later normal pain killers
Will make this pain go away fully for a hour or so but it will be back with a vengeance

For the first day your mouth will be full of blood from the extraction point this is good!
Don’t worry if it bleeds or you look like a blood pack from a movie set has exploded in
Your mouth this will clot and it needs to clot fast to avoid getting a dry socket.

SO do not spit or rinse the mouth for the first day or so and when you go to bed
that night sleep with your head on a high pillow if it bleeds let it don’t worry
when you fall to sleep you will wake up in the morning walla no blood and a slight throbbing pain but nothing you can’t handle..

The day after the surgery is when you wash your mouth with warm salt water sounds cruel as if someone
is saying also for good measure if the pain isn’t enough rinse with vinegar but its not.
The above was sarcasm DO NOT RINSE with Vinegar but you must rinse with warm salt.
This for some strange reason does not hurt why I don’t know but it doesn’t

Part 4 below
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Today you will feel much better now 1 of two things is going to happen today.
  • You are going to be fine no pain or slight pain and be-able to eat fine.
  • your going to get the open wound infected [you can guess I have all the luck]
(Which means Soups and liquids for the next week fun fun fun!!!!?)

Yep sure enough 4 sockets out of the 5 got infected and the pain was like you wouldn’t
Believe you think toothache is bad … never seen nothing until you get infected sockets.

4 days go by I’m back on anti-biotic now to kill the infection these start working fast.
By the 6th day no pain and now I can eat something solid or so I think…

Yep I forgot now that he’s messed with the nerves it’s now affected all my other teeth
Which when biting down hurts on every tooth so no solids for me yet back on soups.

2 weeks later feeling like I’m in jail on soup and water I get real hungry and decide today
Is weetabix day I eat it and notice no pain all the nerves now settled down yay!!!!
Munch munch J Now only 5 sessions left ….

Today is the tough session 2 front teeth out….

5 Front Teeth have to come out

Today is the day I dread the worst day of my life I go to the dentist knowing when I come out not only am
I going to be front toothless but I’m going to be numb as hell which I cannot stand the numb feeling I hate it
so much but it’s something you can’t escape sadly.

Craig explains today the front are coming out he explains that this is not going to be pleasant as having injections
in the roof of the mouth is and will smart and sting a bit.

On opening my mouth with much protest he put the first injection in the front tooth.
Ignore everyone who says it feels like its going into your nose and brain it doesn’t
It feels nothing like it … in fact it feels much better and easier than the lower ones.

Injection is done I’m smiling for now thinking omg that was amazing no pain nothing
It wasn’t even scary just felt something cold touching my gums.

Then he told me here comes the bad ones the roof of the mouth I freaked out hearing this.
Then my Dentist went above and beyond the call of duty he told me he’ll do something for me no-body else
would do he would do it the kids way.

He got the dental nurse to blow freezing cold air on the roof of my mouth and he
Started injecting the gums between the teeth I can assure you I FELT nothing what so ever what ever he did
by blowing this freezing air on my roof I didn’t even feel the tip
Of the needle no push nothing, take your own finger nail now and push it on the roof
Of your mouth feel that? Imagine feeling LESS than that? Yep this guy is godlike.

Now the injections are done (15 or so) again felt nothing at all J

I thought this is going to be where nature balances itself out and make things difficult
But nope for some reason the front top teeth popped out no problems at all just pop! Out.

Now here’s where nature decides hmm things are going far to swell for you my son
It decides that the front tooth socket is not going to stop bleeding for love nor money.

Yep and so it is... the tooth socket just 1 of them decides it doesn’t like the 2 extra litters
Of blood so it wants to get rid of it lol … only joking was only a cup full if that.

35 mins in overtime he’s finished the bleeding stopped and he packed it with gauze pads
So that was that… now he told me this is the part your going to hate for the next 6 months…
the part you will not enjoy …. The Actual upper Partial.

The Upper Partial

He told me he wouldn’t put the denture in yet I asked him if he could so he said fine.
On entering the denture while my mouth was numb it felt strange but great I loved it!

He was puzzled that I said it felt better in but he just continued to fix it in place yay I was done!

On my way home I couldn’t stop staring at my new teeth omg they looked like teeth!
I finally had teeth!!! Real looking teeth without black or broken parts they was teeth!!

As the numbness wore off I was starting to feel the plastic on the roof of my mouth
I waited for my tongue to un-numb this time it did within a hour yay!!! I was so happy.

I couldn’t understand how this partial felt so great I mean you hear story’s or imagine
People saying when they put the partial or denture in it felt like someone shoved a
Bunch of lego blocks into your mouth which is what was really worrying me for weeks
Before I had the teeth out I started doing weird stuff to try and get used to the feeling of
What its going to be like with a lump of plastic in my mouth for the rest of my life.

I tried actual lego blocks lol I tried molding putty round the roof of my mouth
I tried just keeping the partial in my mouth while I had the teeth I tried everything.

Nothing comes close to how comfi it actually is when its fitted right. And these
Are NHS partials the cheapest worst kind you can get lol but they are great.

Now…. Lets get over how happy I was with them and how they felt wearing them.
And get onto the not so good stuff trying to eat with them.

If you bite with your front teeth forget it with a partial you bite down the
Top of the partial rides up and sticks into your gums I found this out I hate it.
For now until you find a way around this you need to use a knife fork and put
Food in mouth in small pieces and chew with back teeth side teeth not front.

Yes for now that means no being able to bite into a mc donalds cheeseburger
Yes I tried and yes its not advisable yet J unless you have a full upper denture
Then things are different but with a upper partial this is not possible just yet.

So if you can save your own teeth do it there is nothing like trying to bite down
On a plastic denture regardless how bad or good they have been made but don’t worry
Don’t cry or get upset if you cannot save your teeth the human body adapts to things.

My problem was when I bit down on the food the socket which was healing the
Plastic tooth part of the denture is inside the socket so it looks as if it’s a real tooth.
And you have to understand the laws of nature is you put pressure on something its
Going to move upwards/downwards yep the socket where the fake tooth sits when
Biting down feels like someone shoving a knife into the socket every time even to a
Point it opened the socket and bleeding begin again not good but don’t worry there
Is light at the end of this dark tunnel keep reading…

Part 5 below
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A week went by thinking I cannot eat solids as I bite down I’m in pain
I thought I cannot chew on my raw gums on the other side of my mouth as I have
Only a few teeth left.


Weeks later the sockets healing and I can now kind of chew on the denture the sharp
Tooth still sits in the socket and hurts but this is because I need the top of it altering
But I’ve coped with this for 3-4 weeks now so I’m used to avoiding that tooth to chew.
If you cannot avoid the tooth go back to your dentist and request him to shave the sharp
Edges from the partial don’t leave until its fine to chew if it means taking something with you like a butty to test
then do it otherwise you’ll be back and forth as you won’t be-able To notice a difference until you actually chew/eat J

Each person will have different experiences with this regardless who you are how
Tough you think you are at some point this will get you down but as I said don’t worry
With time and learning to adapt you will be eating big meals in no time I sit here now
Writing this and its 5pm, from putting the denture in at 8am this morning I forgot
It was there until now writing this J its not as bad as you think its’ going to be.

Now time has come to Get my Left bottom 2 Teeth out

Yesterday I went to have my last 2 teeth extracted one broken below the gum line
One back molar and 2 filling… so sitting in the waiting room shaking worrying
I then see my dentist and all my fears subside

[again the right dentist can make you happy and feel at ease]

I entered the room opened my mouth he give me the injections which this time
I wasn’t really to bothered about but this time they hurt a little more this was
Because he didn’t take his time as he thought I’d of got over the phobia a little
When I freaked he apologized and went back to his usual baby steps which
Was great, Ok all numb’d up and time to extract I though few mins tops.

1 hour later still cannot get the molar or the front bottom tooth out I’m now
Really starting to worry and then I hear the words we all fear and dread!!!

“sorry but these are not going to come out here” there going to need to be surgically removed which
means same thing only cutting the gum open which means more
Injections more numbness more pain more anxiety but he said I’ll give it another try

My Appointment time was 45 mins I seen others outside waiting so I knew I would
Have to be out soon, with all this injections, numbness for nothing.

This is where my Dentist goes above and beyond the call of duty he tells his
Dental nurse to explain to others he’s running late he needs another 20 mins.

He again says this is pointless I could poke around at this tooth for another
5 days and he wouldn’t get it out but he said he’ll give it another look.

Somehow some way I hear this massive crack my eyes lit up omg! I said
Is it out??? Please tell me its out.. he said yep its out!

I was so happy I rushed to my jacket ripped out £20 / $40 in money and
Said please here you go take this please take this you saved me a trip to
The hospital you saved me having to go through all this over and over again!

My dentist was surprised I think more shocked told me he couldn’t take it
Which was fair enough but I tried a few more times nope he wouldn’t take it.

So now I’m sat at home in pain waiting for the numbness to wear off because
I’m thinking if I’m in pain now still numbed up god help me when it wears off.

7pm that night it wore off omg it felt like someone just hit me in the face with a brick
The pain in the socket was so bad I cried I took some pain killers thinking here we go
Another week of agony 7 mins later pain gone nothing completely.

Spent the night drinking water spitting blood which was normal then the next day
I did the usual rinse gargle with salt water which again did not hurt.

2 days later as you could guess sat here in pain infected socket on the front.
So I don’t have my lower dentures in yet so have no idea what they feel like.

I tried them but they won’t go past my teeth so I think my lowers need altering
But maybe I just need to push to lock them down right now I don’t want to do

Today I sit here finishing this story in pain but not toothache pain just sore pain.
I have 2 more sessions left just upper fillings

Right what people really don’t hit on here is the food you can or should eat
While getting used to extractions or a denture so here goes

Food you will eat fine and be happy with

Yogurts.. these will be your best friend for a few days
Soft cakes sponge or fairy cakes soaked in hot custard
Soft cerials mushy weetabix, porrage, soggy cornflakes.
Soft boiled rice, scrambled eggs, omlets, Pancakes, Caremel Creams,
Loads of Ice cream but plain or fat free without all the bits in it.

Lots of water is essential to keep washing the sockets and stop you
From getting dehydrated. More Custard, Milkshakes, Protein shakes.

The most important food at all. for a few days this will be Soup.
Chicken soup, minestrone soup, and if you really get hungry and need
Some real food then make a pot of gravy really watery not thick
And cut some chicken into little strips, put all this in a food blender
It sounds awful but its just like a lovely creamy soup you’ll love it!.

6 weeks into my treatment I am eating with my upper partial in and no lowers.
That’s right eating with your gums you won’t believe how normal it feels after
The first couple of times getting used to it but make sure you only do this once
The healing is finished and not with huge gaping creators still visible.

Food I can eat quite comfi right now with the partial in

Chicken, Sunday Roasts, stuffing, soft mash or roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings
I can eat pizza in small cut up squares all drinks and obviously ice-cream J

Worried about how dentures feel, look they are not my teeth!

Many times I have heard people saying that dentures are not their own teeth.
I have never heard such stupid comments as that it really makes me laugh.

If their not your own teeth then who’s teeth are they? Do they fit anyone else’s mouth?
If you answered no then great you think on a level with everyone else

But what about kissing and being romantic with a partner will it effect this?

I was worried I’d never be-able to kiss my girlfriend after I got these partials fitted
It was just funny how normal it actually felt the first time I tried she didn’t find it
Weird or funny or anything so in a word no a denture or partial won’t effect kissing.
If the denture is lose or the partial slap on some poligrip and your set for the night.

People won’t date people who’s not got their own teeth

Sad but true most women won’t date someone with false teeth but so what?
Do you really want to spend your life with someone who acts or thinks this way?
Imagine if guys said sorry I don’t date people with plastic boobs my god there would
Be 50% of the women today without a partner or I don’t date people with veneers
Again FAKE teeth so that’s all the celebrities without a love sex life.

The only thing I found I cannot do with my partials is going swimming or water parks.
This is the only thing that I find trouble with unless there is some kind of waterproof
Adhesive I’ve not tried but either way its not that limiting J its just 1 day of looking
Like a hill billy in front of people you’ll never get to see again in your life so it’s a bonus.

Friends and Family how do they cope seeing you with Dentures

Who cares what anyone thinks its my mouth I wanted something which looked
Normal to the average individual its what needed to be done and it got done so
If people don’t like it then sorry its not the kind of person I want as a friend its
Just that simple.

I really hope this 14 pages of my time and experiences really helps someone out
I thought it was pointless doing this but then thinking back it was this exact forum
And some guys long post here which I kept coming back to and reading over and over
It really helped me to get through this awful time so lets hope my ramblings
Can help someone here if they do then I’m happy and its been worth while

Feel free to reply or post your comments if you have any questions you think I could help answer or someone
else could help answer then don’t keep your mouth shut ask us we are here to help you we’ve been through it and come out the other end J
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Wow, you've had a lot of work done, and are coming through it with a great attitude about the work you are getting done.

I feel the kinda the same about what I've had done within the last few months - fillings, 11 extractions, immediate full upper denture - now another extraction on bottom and will be going in a week and a half to get the impressions done for my bottom partial. So looking forward to having a mouth full of teeth!

Best wishes on the work you have left to do - you sound like you'll come through it all just fine!
Well today was my 2nd to last appointment i was quite nervous today
but not the shake myself stupid type just like any other regular person i guess.

As i entered the dentist office i noticed a few people sitting there
mostly adults then it happened 3-4 small children walked in with big smiles
on their faces i was so shocked they wasn't climbing the walls hiding behind their mommy
this really helped to calm me down.

As i was sitting there waiting ... i heard my name being called as usual i walked in
the dentist office at this time the horns the tail and the pitchfork had disappeared :) i was ready ..

i hoped onto the chair craig had a good look around my mouth checking
if all the previous work had healed up and how everything was looking.

i was tense at this point waiting for my 5-10 injections!!! this is where
he then told me i only needed 2 injections since there was only 2 fillings upper teeth that
needed to be done i was shocked and happy at this point.

Anyone here that has to have the upper injections this is coming from a neeedle phobic ..
it's nothing you really do not feel anything maybe the point of the needle for a millisecond but after that its plain sailing...

The upper back molar was the first to be worked on he took his little drill
and started the drill process i was waiting for the pain as he hit the tooth but nope nothing no pain
just lots of noise and some nice cold cool water :)

10 mins later the whizzy drill had stopped and he then got the ponder out as i call it :), this drill does not hurt
as in OUCH!!! stabbing pain or stinging pain... imagine 1000 bee's all in your mouth at the same time buzzing and
someone hitting your tooth at rapidspeed with a hard piece of rubber

i won't lie the vibration rattles all though your head and the noise is anyoing
but if your not bothered about noise or vibration and only worried about pain or stinging then don't
its all over in a matter of seconds.

for me i got punished with the thing about 9 times as my filling was much
deeper than he originally thought so it was 9 times longer than yours will be.

After this was done all that happens now is they mix a solution together
this then gets packed onto the drilled part of the tooth then a little clap gets attached
[again no pain at all but you do feel the pressure of the clamp]

once this is done it's right jump of the chair now its all done.

Only 1 more session left now next week and thats the right hand upper side
where i have 3 small fillings needed.

Remember the anticipation the anxiety and the worrying is far worse
than the actual work on the day, i will say dont let the anticipation or anxiety or scared feeling get to you or worry
you but i'll be wasting my time lol as its impossible to remove these feelings

but when you go remember the feeling of the up and coming dentist appointment then think how you feel
as your actually in that appointment and see which is worse

i bet you it's the constant thinking and over doing it in your head days before.

:hidesbehindsofa: <--- this was me before all this started now :sleepyjuice:

below is the picture of your regular Dentist

:devilish: <--- yep thats the little critter right there....
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Thanks for sharing your story. You've certainly come along way, from running out of the office. You must feel so proud of yourself.

Are you wearing your bottom partials now?
Hiya thanks for the reply

Actually nope the bottom ones since i had the work done in stages the right side has healed and the swelling has gone down
but the left side is still not fully healed so its like sitting the dentures onto a pebel lol

the other reason i cannot wear the bottom ones yet is due to the left k9
the one that should of been surgically removed and was just yanked out
because of the yanking craig had to do its left the socket in a bad way
it's not healing as quickly as the others did.

so when the plastic tooth goes into that socket the pain is out this world.
as it pushes down right into the socket.

i actually went back to have some adjustments craig did his best to
get them to at least align now but each time he had to push them in to make sure they'd fit and each time the plastic tooth dug into the socket.

i would prefer to have 20 injections all at once compared to the pain of this plastic tooth hitting the socket and this happened 5-6 times
in the end i was in that much pain i was nearly in tears.

Don't let this put off anyone else with lower partials the other side
where it has healed i dont feel a thing so once this socket heals i'll be fine.

As for getting used to the upper partial again after 2 days you wont even know it is there, i know many people cannot wear these partials or dentures
but i thought i was going to be the worst of all them people but it turns out i love my upper partial it's amazing and i totally even forget its there.