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My story of success with all on 4 procedure



Junior member
May 14, 2024
I want to share my experience with all of you. I had a fear of the dentist all my life. It was so bad that I skipped going to the dentist office for over 20 years. I could not bring myself to go and do something, because my fear was greater than my physical pain. I was living in pain for more that 2 decades. Self medicating with painkillers for toothaches for years and years. I am 46 years old now, and two years ago I arrived at the point of no return with my teeth situation. The teeth were so bad, that besides my fear, I now had a great shame and was very afraid what the dentist will say when he sees my situation.
But I managed to overcome all of that, and I went for an appointment to assess my situation. Here is the picture from that day


So as you can see, it was worse that bad. It was a horror story. I am still ashamed of this very much. Why did I let myself go to this state....

So, after the consultation with my dentist and a team of oral surgeons, we decided that the best solution for me is to go with total implant solution with all on 4 procedure. So here is the x-ray what is done to me


The procedure was done in one sitting. It lasted for 7 hours, without general anesthesia, only local numbing injections. Lots of them....
But there was NO PAIN whatsoever. None. I could not believe it. It was totally pain free. Yes it was very long and tedious and tiresome, but there was no pain or discomfort. Even afterward, there was also no pain in the coming days after the surgery. Only very slight swelling.
So the end result was this:
That is incredible! Thank you for sharing as it's so encouraging for others suffering from pain and shame