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My story, so far. I took the first step.



May 19, 2019
Two weeks ago I’d have started this thread by saying “I’m 25 and have never visited a dentist”. But I have took the first step now.

When I was around 9-10 years old I fell off my scooter and broke my front tooth, around 1/3 of it - from top to bottom. My mum told me she phoned the dentist but they can’t do anything until I’m around 20 years old and my mouth is fully grown.

I found it hard to brush my teeth because it was very painful so I either didn’t do it, or did it very lightly for 10 seconds. This was for a few months until I could do it better but I still didn’t brush well.

When I was 17, a couple of my back teeth crumbled when I was pregnant. Same again when I was 22 and pregnant.

I never went to the dentist because I was scared they’d ridicule me because of my awful uncared for teeth.

My partner’s dentist closed January this year so he got a new one, for all four of us. I was terrified but didn’t tell him. He knew though. Our first appointment got cancelled and I was relieved. But the new appointment came around very quickly.

I was not scared of the work that needs doing - I was scared I would be ridiculed and told my teeth are too far gone and I’d be laughed at etc.

On Thursday this week I had my first appointment. I went in and I told the dentist it was my first ever time. He took a look in my mouth and did what he needed to do, relaying the info back to his colleague to log it down. He asked if I was nervous and I said yes... he reassured me that I was in safe hands and that I don’t need to be nervous.

On Friday, I went for a full dental X-ray at the hospital. My dentist referred me for a full X-ray as I have 6 retained roots that need extraction (that’ll be fun! >.< ) . The lady doing the X-ray was super nice too :)

My dentist reassured me that he will fix me up and make me feel better.

Not once did I feel small, ridiculed, mocked... only support. I came out of my appointment happy and proud of myself.

And on recommendation of the dentist, I went to town on Saturday and bought myself an electric toothbrush!
This is one of the all time great DFC posts.

Well done.
I so agree with Dg6300!!! This is a great testimony and sooo glad you found a great and caring dentist with really great bedside manner along with the assistants .. Just love this!!:perfect::welldone::thumbsup!:
Wonderful. Please keep us updated.
This is already a huge success story and will encourage people who are still trying to make the first call! Your dentist sounds like a keeper! If he continues on this track, you may want to recommend him on the forum.
Thank you everyone ❤️

My appointment to check the X-ray results was the 4th June (when they expected the results back by), yesterday I had to reschedule to the 12th of June. A few hours later I got a call from the receptionist (lovely lady) saying they had received my results back and they can get me in next week if I want to! So now I have my appointment on the 29th May.

I’ll give an update after my appointment. I’m nervous but I’m concentrating on the end goal.
Tomorrow is the day. My appointment is at 10:10. Nervous because I don’t know what’s happening. All I know is my X-ray results are back and I’m going to be told what’s happening next. I don’t know if any procedures will be done tomorrow or if it’ll just be to discuss what will be happening in the future.

All good. I’ll get through it. First step is the hardest right? And I’ve already done that. Now to just keep putting one foot in front of the other :) will update tomorrow ASAP after the appointment.

Thank you for all the reactions, comments and well wishes!
You’ve got this!

You’re going to surprise us all, and none more than yourself.

Be sure to post. No matter what happens you can’t lose: you are already a success.
Sorry for another post. Super nervous. Currently sat in the waiting area. Heart is racing at 102bpm haha. I checked it so I could distract myself and here I am posting to distract some more. Eep ? be back with an update soon.
They took two back teeth out. U4&5.

The injection hurt a bit but not for long at all. Just like warm pressure when the numbing stuff got injected. They tried to take U6 as well but it wasn’t coming and I was starting to shake due to low blood sugar (hadn’t eaten today + panic).

I will be booking another appointment for the upper left. He said the bottom ones that are broken at okay to stay if I don’t mind leaving them because they’ve sealed themselves and no gum is showing.

He said my front broken tooth will take a little longer to work on so he’s leaving that until last.

The lady he was working with was lovely and kept asking if I was okay but I’m a “grin and bear it” kind of person. They also gave me a glucose tablet at the end to dissolve in my mouth so I stopped being dizzy.

The sound of them breaking the remnants of my teeth and pulling on them went through me and was the worst but there was no actual physical pain.

Does anyone have any tips for recovery?

Ps. I did it ❤️
An hour after leaving and the anaesthetic is wearing off. I’m on my own with my two children too (age 2 &8).

Keep almost passing out but can’t cos of the kids. I have quite a lot of pain but it’s bearable. The pain is mostly ear ache, although I have some in my mouth and eye. I took paracetamol and will be buying something stronger when I can.
Bravo! Such courage.

You are well on your way. You have already come so far.

Keep us posted. Post as much as you like.
I think the pain isn’t from the 2 extractions - but the 3rd tooth that the dentist broke half away and left half until next time. It keeps getting a weird pain/sensation through it.

I’m topped up on cocodamol now (highest strength OTC I can get).

I’m going away for a week so my next appointment won’t be until around 2 weeks time if not further

How are you feeling now? I hope alot better. Hope you are having a nice time away !
The 2 that were taken fully out are giving me no problems, no pain... but the one he broke in half and left I had given me constant pain (tooth ache, jaw ache, eye ache, ear ache and headache). Its also still swollen around the broken tooth. Pain meds keep the pain away but if I accidentally clench or knock the broken tooth the pain is awful.

I’m going to be booking in for Wednesday next week to get the rest of this tooth out and for the left side teeth. I hope he gets them all out easily and that the pain goes!!

It’s not gonna be easy afterwards as I won’t be able to eat or drink properly as it’ll be both sides of my mouth... but then again I am trying to slim down ??‍♀️ Silver linings and all that ??
Hey just another update.

Today I went back. Damn the injection hurt this time!! And I had two of them.

I had the remnants of the cracked tooth at the upper right out.
I also had UL5&6 out.

The after pain is next to nothing this time around. Last time it was awful (because of the disturbed tooth), but because it’s all been taken this time the pain is minimal. A very mild ache but when I’m busy I barely notice it.

He said he’ll get me in soon to have my front tooth sorted. At the moment there’s around a 1/3 of my tooth left and it’s partially discoloured (Black). He hasn’t told me exactly what he’s going to do to it. All I know so far is that he’s going to give me a filling and he said the rest of the procedures are purely cosmetic :)

I really don’t want to go back as I’m scared of fillings but the cosmetic procedure is what I need most. Having a front tooth that’s visibly broken and discoloured stops me being as outgoing as I really am and it stops me smiling and I have no pictures with my kids etc.

Congrats on getting through the procedure!! and for progressing to the next one! I believe it will really make you feel so good after its all done and you can smile and feel so happy to and get some pictures with your kids :)
Good luck with your next appointment. Take a ton photos after the restoration is complete, maybe even get a selfie stick to make up for lost time/photos? :unsure:
If you can do extractions, fillings will be a breeze! You are through the worst of it!
I have a holiday booked 13th July - 20th July.

Will the filling/restoration give me a lot of after pain.
On one hand I want to get it done so I can take pics on holiday, on the other hand I don’t want to be in pain whilst I’m away....

I don’t know what a filling feels like but I’m scared of the idea of a drill

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