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My success story



Apr 21, 2018
Hi, I have been reading posts on this forum for months. I must say, it has helped me tremendously as I would rather know what to expect, from someone who has been there, then to not know and freak out! I, like everyone else here, have severe dental phobia that has followed me since I was a young child and I’m now 54 years old. My teeth were breaking off all the time and I wouldn’t go to a dentist until it would abscess. Again, my fear won. The last one broke off while I was asleep ( actually broke in half) but thank goodness, I got it out before I swallowed it. So with what teeth I had left (15 and all in the front, 7 top and 8 bottom) I was looking at about $15-20k to repair what was left, with root canals (which I have had before, and still lost the tooth) crowns and fillings and partial dentures. Not sure I could of done all that.Not only financially but mentally. So, I figured if I gotta have false teeth, I might as well get full dentures verses partials. Had reciently broke a front tooth off (and the dentists already told me building it up wouldn’t last) So, after trying to cancel out of fear, more than once, I did it! Had all 15 teeth removed with IV sedation and immediate dentures put in. I’m here to tell you, that’s the way to go! Once they started the IV I remember absolutely nothing, until I woke up at home several hours later. Have not had a lot of pain, mostly just soreness. Have been icing a good bit, so have little swelling. Pain meds with ibuprofen in between doses really seemed to help. as much as I dreaded it I Removed them for the first time today and was slightly in pain but only where I have stitches. Was dreading this, as I have read some real horrible story’s about removing them. Again, glad I read them, as I kinda knew what to expect. So, for anyone questioning IV sedation, I say DO IT! You will not regret it. I can only hope, my recovery continues to go so smooth. At this time, I have to say I wish I would not have let my fear stop me and had this done 20 years ago! I absolutely LOVE my new smile!


Oct 1, 2010
In dental heaven
Very well done! Wishing you a speedy recovery and continued ongoing success :grin: XX

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