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my surgery is in six hours and too afraid to sleep (considering backing out)



Junior member
Sep 2, 2023
Hi there so I will preface this by saying I'm scared shitless, and thought I could hold it together but I'm realizing I might not be able to. My family dropped $3k on this because I've been having swelling in my right ear from the impacted upper wisdom tooth and jaw tension/pain for several years- I feel like I impulsively just pushed myself into signing papers and doing this because my ear started swelling up and I was afraid of going deaf/infection spreading from the impacted tooth into my brain. I could usually psyche myself out of this and justify it, but the main issue I have is that I'm anemic (to the point that my fingernails are slightly blue tinted) and my oral surgeon told me I'd be fine- when in fact, I do not feel like i'm going to be fine with the risk of bleeding being so high. I really wish that he had of told me to take iron supplements and scheduled the surgery for a later date. I really do not know what to do anymore. Also for the past two days I've hardly been able to sleep, and all night/this morning I've been having a panic attack and crying and shaking.
I'm in a similar situation, will be soon anyway as mine need to come out. I am terrified!!!!! Curious if you decided to proceed?