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My teeth are still wobbly!



Junior member
Jun 13, 2018
I recently started going to a new dentist after I noticed my gums had began to bleed as they didn't seem to get better with my use of corsodyl toothpaste and mouthwash. He very patronisingly told me I had gum disease, I'm a student (21) that has smoked for a few years and the dentist came across very uninterested and unethusiatic making me feel like a total fool who should get no sympathy. (This may be true but it certainly didn't help with the anxiety and panic attacks I've been getting over my teeth).
I since had a deep clean but continued smoking (my mistake) and my gums got a whole lot worse, I've since been back for a root scaling/planing. I didn't really get any information from my dentist about other prodcedures, whilst having the procedure done I heard my dentist talking to his assistant and after my own research online found out he was mesuring the pockets between my teeth and gums (5s). I have since stopped smoking, I've just finished a week of antibiotics and I'm currently still using the Colgate peroxyl as my dentist recommended, I've been using the small brushes designed for small gaps between your teeth and have purchased an electronic toothbrush after reading about the benefits online, I've been brushing 3 times daily and have also completely cut out fizzy drinks which were another vice I unknowingly had!
It's been a week since my appointment and I have another one booked in with my old dentist next week who I feel a lot more confident with, hoping she can set my head straight.
The problem is although my teeth feel really clean and my gums are pinker and arnt at all sore to the touch my two front bottom teeth are still wobbly!- Granted their not as wobbly as before but still enough that I can see movement when I touch them between my fingers or press hard with my tongue, I have no pain when eating or atall since the procedure but I'm still panicking that my teeth are going to fall out!! I've read up on all kinds of forums about aftercare and procedures that are available and I'm hoping to get my teeth splinting on Monday, I'm just wondering whether I'm panicking way too much for nothing (that this is normal and how the prodcedure works), or if my mouth just isn't going to get better.
As I mentioned prior I'm a student, I'm studying to go into a medicine career and I just can't imagine a life without my front teeth! I wouldn't be able to afford any cosmetic work such as replacing lost teeth, and to be honest I think I'd completely give up on everything if I had a big gap between my teeth! I honestly cant imagine a life without my teeth.
Any and all information/opinions/in put are welcome! I'm still losing sleep over this :(
Hi Dylanm,

sorry to read about how your dentist treated you and also that he obviously didn't give you much of information. I'm surprised that you had to google on your own to find out that your dentist was measuring pockets - your dentist should let you know what he would do and also tell you what he found out. I'm glad to read that you are seeing your old dentist next week since trust is the most important thing when it comes to treatment.
Well done on stopping smoking and adjusting habits, it sounds like you are really doing your best to get back to dental health.
To your moving teeth.. I am not a dentist and cannot tell you how much improvement there should be after your procedure, but I know that teeth do not fall out as easily as you could imagine. Your teeth have very long roots that are anchored deep in your bone and even if there is a bit of movement, the biggest part of your tooth is still well fixated and will stay this way. So if any possible, try not to worry about this too much and talk to your kind dentist next week to see what can be done.

All the best wishes and may you get some answers and reassurance from your old dentist next week
Hey Enarete,
Yes I've never really had problems with any previous dentists, however with this new one it was very much come in, sit down and let me work, now leave. Guiding me to his door as I was asking about options that were available to my particular problem :/. The dentist I'm going back to is my family dentist who I grew up with so I'm a lot more confident that she'll help me get my mouth sorted! My main concern is that more damage will be done before I get the chance to see her.
The new dentist I went to see told me that I'd lost approximately 50% of the bone holding my two front bottom teeth in my mouth, however the rest of my teeth were as they should be (healthy, no sign of gum disease) which he said confused him as gum disease usually affects the whole mouth equally.
I can currently see approximately 3mm of the root of my front teeth, after waking up this morning they feel more secure/ hardily move when touched, however this seems to be happening each day with them gradually moving more throughout the day towards the evening :/.
Thanks you so much for your reply! It has definitely made me feel a little better, hopefully by the time I see my dentist I'll see some positive changes that give my mind some ease, rather than me feeling like nothing's changing!