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My teeth are the worst I've seen, even extreme dental pictures online.



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Jul 22, 2021
I'm so terrified, I'm currently 23 years old. I haven't brushed my teeth in years, and I mean years, possibly 10 now... My parents never really drilled dental hygiene into me as a child, and I look at my teeth in the mirror and feel fear and anger at myself. It's so bad that my top row is all gone basically, just black nubs. I have two abscess' on my top gums, If that's even what they are. I'm terrified, I don't have insurance and even if I did, even showing them to a dentist scares me so bad.. I really don't know what to do, I feel extremely stuck, Almost like I ruined a part of my life.
I forgot to add, My bottom row of teeth seem okay as they are now, but they're starting to decay too, I wanna save them of course but I'm afraid even brushing the bottom is gonna hurt, the the reason I haven't started brushing my top row.
First of all, welcome to the group! Wanting to make a change is a great thing, and you should be proud that you are on that track.
Most dentists are not going to shame you. They will be really glad you came in and will want to help you have a healthy mouth. I would suggest feeling out a few dentists by sending some emails explaining your situation. Depending on how they respond, you will know if you want to see them or not. You might also ask them if their clinic offers any free clinic days or if they know of any. Check and see if there are any dental schools near you. Call and ask them about free clinics. Many times the dental students will do free clinics or reduced rate clinics. My last dental office did free clinics one day a week for people who were under a certain income bracket. Most places will work with you on a treatment and payment plan.
Also, don’t beat yourself up for your lack of dental hygiene. You know now and are taking steps to fix it. That is what is important. Even people with great dental hygiene can have major issues. I have always brushed and flossed and had regular dental checkups, but in the past two years have had to have five teeth extracted, three root canals and two apicoectomies. It happens.
I think everyone will feel they have the worst teeth. I’ve just booked my first appointment in 11years to finally move forward with fixing my teeth and I was literally crying and shaking when I was on the phone describing my situation to them.
I used to have lovely teeth, had braces and I was proud of them. When I turned 18 I found myself in a relationship that quickly turned sour. I wasn’t allowed to the dentist, was rarely allowed my own hygiene products, I had to sneak his shower gel to wash my hair and I feel like my teeth are beyond repair.
Just taking that first step is huge but I know my anxiety levels will be through the roof in the 3 weeks I have to wait for my appointment. I think speaking to a dentist will help massively, it has for me. I’ve been assured that there will be no judgement, just support.
Finding this site has really helped, I just need to make it to that first appointment and take it one step at a time through there. We’re in this together!
Thank you both so much, It means the world to know I'm not alone in this. I'm just terrified to death that I'll get complication from going to the dentist, Basically my entire top row is gonna need a root canal.
At the first look my front teeth seem fine but I think an X-ray will say otherwise. It’s all my back teeth that I have the issue with. I think I’m more nervous that the dentist will run a mile rather than the pain. I’m also in the U.K. and although our medical treatment is free, dental more than makes up for that. Based on my dentists fees I’m looking at a minimum of £3000!
Thank you both so much, It means the world to know I'm not alone in this. I'm just terrified to death that I'll get complication from going to the dentist, Basically my entire top row is gonna need a root canal.
Most of the time, it is never as bad as you think it is. My oral surgeon told me that everyone always assumes the worst with their teeth and is usually is a fairly simple fix. Root canals really are not that bad. I was absolutely petrified the first time I had to have one but it didn’t hurt a bit.