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My tooth broke and I can't contact my dentist, help please?



Mar 16, 2015
Hello I have a wisdom tooth that has an old filling, it got infected a few weeks ago. I had antibiotics and it seemed to settle. Now my tooth felt weird when I had dinner earlier. I ran my tongue on it and it felt a little jagged. I went to look just now, there was a small gap at the front, between the two cusps? I took a toothpick to see if it was a crack and the inner front quarter of the tooth flapped over to the inside of my mouth. It's back in place now but I am panicking, I rang my dentist and they are shut til Monday. I've never had a tooth break and I am really anxious right now. I don't know what to do. Anything I can do to keep the tooth in place until monday morning?
Edit: I also brux and clench in my sleep, will that bit of tooth come off? It's still attached to the gum.
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Doesn't matter, if it's not hurting it can wait till Monday.
Thanks Gordon, it's still in there, hope it will hang on the night again. I will ring my dentist in the morning, hopefully he can see me soon to at least patch it up until I can be referred to have it out with IV sedation.