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My Wisdom Teeth Journey :D



I figured I should come here and post my story of my experience yesterday at 9:30am, seeing as this site helped me get comfortable a great deal before my surgery. Here it goes..

I'm 15 and this was my first wisdom tooth extraction procedure; I was getting all four extracted, two impacted, two not. I woke up yesterday morning, hadn't eaten or drank anything since dinner the previous night, I had a dry, sore throat and a little congestion, which made me a little bit more nervous.

Around 8:00 me and my parents left for the doctor's office, seeing as it was about and hour away. I arrived, my mom signed some papers, then they weighed me, told me and my parents what was going on, and asked if I had questions. I asked loads of questions, they were nice people and I'm sure if you are getting yours pulled they will be as well, they answered my questions to my comfort.

A little while later they took me back into the surgery room, layed me down and basically made me into a table, placing blankets, cloths, gauze pads, tubes, and tools on top of me, while using the blood pressure cuff. Soon enough, the room went from two nurses to three, the third one giving me the IV with the first dose of medicine which was supposed to make me relax and feel groggy, which it did, it was magical. A little while later, the last thing I remember was the third nurse saying "You won't remember anything past this point." Which I didn't, other than waking up as the doctor was coming into the room, turning off the lights and turning on the overhead surgery light. I thought it looked like a fat jellyfish, which made me laugh right before going under.

Next thing I knew, what seemed like minutes later, I was dizzily walking into the recovery room, guided by a nurse, with a soft thing with ice packs in it wrapped around my head and gauze pads sitting in my mouth. Once I was in the recovery room it felt awesome to be able to relax with the lights off on a small bed. Meanwhile, the effects of the Anesthetic were taking place. (I had General Anesthetic.) I've heard that some people say really weird things, some people get angry and grumpy, some don't say anything, but me, I cried for no apparent reason, I wasn't sad, I wasn't feeling anything at all other than tears streaming down my face.

Next thing I remembered was me getting into my parents' car and then getting home, the ride home was a huge blur. Once I got home I relaxed for a while, tried drinking some juice but the fact that the lower half of my face felt fat and numb, and the coldness of the drink hurt my wounds made me pretty upset, which in turn I fell asleep on my couch. Woke up in pain, drank some vanilla milkshake along with my painkillers, fell asleep again, and then woke up to eat some jello and take the antibiotics, and anti-swelling pills.

Overall, it's not that bad and wasn't that bad. The worst part of the whole thing was the first two to three hours at home, the pain is horrible and the numbness straight pisses you off, or me at least.

So, don't worry about it, if you are going to get yours extracted, for me it was quick and painless, and I hope, and I'm sure, yours will be too. [: