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My wisdom teeth(x2) removal success story (and fears)



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Jun 28, 2017
Hello everyone,

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who shared their own story on the forum. Very encouraging and also to share mine.

Well, where to begin ? I'm Julien from France, 28 yo. As far as I can recall, I've always been hypochondriac, leading to panic attacks and others thinks linked to that. And a bloody fear of dentist :(. Even with all the precautions that I take, I've caught a cold that resulted in a myopericarditis, last September 2015. Briefly, the virus caused inflammation of the pericardium(wrapper of the heart) and myocardium(heart muscles) without (hopefully) any consequences.

I had since 4 years decays on the two bottom wisdom teeth, which I clearly ignored because of my fear of the dentist and any surgery. After waiting, I've decided to go to the operation on April 2017, which I had to cancel because (again) of my fears. And then, comes the Monday, June 26th when I decided to go remove on a single surgery, both of my impacted teeth.

Anaesthetic was only on local, I followed everything. Surgery was flawless, I only felt the syringes. After, the 2 teeth pulled out, stitches done and then I was discharged to come back at home.

Since then, I'm doing fine, 81 hours after the surgery. No fever, no pain since the extraction (at the point where I didn't take any painkillers) even if the surgery involved "bone work". I'm on amoxicillin for 6 days starting from the day of the surgery. Only some jaw swelling and a little blood ooze for the moment at the right gum side. Here's the problem, I'm fearing about everything that could happen to me, like :
- dry socket
- infection
- endocarditis
- death
- and others things...

And browsing Google doesn't help, aside from finding this amazing website. As a matter of fact, I tried to eat a lot but I lost 6 pounds since Monday.

Do you think I will be OK ?
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Hello all,

After 10 days since the removal(242 hours), I'm doing fine. No pain nor fever at all. I didn't get anything such as dry socket, ..... No infection either, maybe because I was carefully brushing and doing rinses after each meal.

The remaining bleeding was caused by the stitches on one of my gums, which was preventing the gum from healing, according to the surgeon. My stitches were removed yesterday and now this little bleeding is gone.

I couldn't be more happy to have done this, I'm kind of realising that now(hopefully), this is over !

If you're reading this and that you're in fear of the surgery, trust me, you'll be fine.
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Hello all,

I'm almost 3 weeks away from the surgery (489 hours now) and I'm still doing fine.

Gums are slowly reconstructing/reassembling and still have "weird" shapes. It got some holes remaining on the left and right side, I'm kinda be careful to rinse after each meal in order to not get any food stuck in there. I started to eat normal again one week ago and started again exercise.

Aside, all is good, no fever, no pain. Despite of that, I'm in a hurry that the gums turns to normal again !
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