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Mystery Sensation of RC’d, Crowned, #3 Molar



Junior member
Jun 21, 2017
Hello all! Hoping you might be able to offer some suggestions about this mystery pressure and ease my anxiety until I get to the dentist.

Tooth #3, molar on the top right, was root canaled in July, and the permanent crown was placed in December. Lately, I’ve been having a strange sensation that I suspect is that same tooth. It’s not pain, it’s more of a near-constant pressure, but not swelling, along that part of my gum surrounding the crown, up into my cheek/jaw, to the temple beside my right eye. It’s like a tight, tense, weight, like it needs to be massaged but won’t loosen. Any thoughts what this could be?

The tooth/gum isn’t sensitive to pressure, hot or cold. The crown itself is large and there is a space beside it and the next tooth that I try to floss as much as possible. Is what I’m describing symptomatic of anything else? Wisdom teeth coming in? Grinding? TMJ? Is my bite off?

I very much don’t want this to be another failed root canal. I had to go through that with the exact opposite tooth, #14, and I ended up spending around $3,000 on my mouth last year retreating and crowning it only to have a tooth that ‘it looks like something is up with, but if it isn’t causing problems we’re gonna leave it, as traumatic messing with it could set it off’.

Some history for this particular tooth I’m asking about: In July I had strange coming and going sensation from it, as if the nerve was randomly lightly firing, and was told I needed a root canal by a doctor at my dentist’s practice I had never met before. I get a second opinion from an oral surgeon who did X-rays and says nothing about the tooth indicates a root canal is needed.

Going back to my usual Dentist, who has been dealing with my phobia since I was around 15, he saw my x-rays and agreed, nothing indicated a root canal was necessary. So he decided to open up the tooth and when he did told me the reason for the problem was because I had an abnormal nerve chamber and shape of the ‘arm’ was indeed firing. He then said because of this I would need a root canal and an endodontist had to do it. This is all days before a week long vacation.

I quickly find an endo after the Dentist puts a medicated filling, or what I am praying was actually an endo and not someone the different practice just told me was, and get a root canal the next day. I tell them that I’ve had canals missed before and don’t want that waste of money again. They take many x-rays thought the procedure, and I had x-rays done over the course of crowning, so I am going to be very angry and upset if I have to go through this all again, now without insurance.
When you say there is a space next to the crown, do you mean that food traps between the crown and the next tooth?
When you say there is a space next to the crown, do you mean that food traps between the crown and the next tooth?

Hi Lincoln,

Thanks for your response. Yes, that’s what I mean. When I eat, food tends to get trapped in the gap, but I always try to floss between them and get it out. Whenever I floss, I don’t experience any pain or unexpected bleeding. If anything I’ve irritated the gum before by how aggressively I floss around it.
It might be that the food packing and subsequent cleaning attempts are making the gum sore. I would definitely let the dentist who placed the crown have a look to see if this is the case. He may be able to do something about this for you.