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:( Nail biting + Never having any work done ever = cracks, fillings and one very terrified me



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Mar 25, 2013
Chesterfied, Derbyshire, England
:( Nail biting + Never having any work done ever = cracks, fillings and one very terrified me

*sighs, here we go,

i'm 20 years old (2 days ago) and male, and as you've probably guessed quite scared of the dentist

i actually avoided the dentist for quite a while as a child hardly ever going and when i did i never needed anything done
my teeth arent perfect my top teeth are abit wonkey and all but i dont mind any of that aslong as they dont cause me any bother, now unfortunatly they are starting to, both my lower 1st molars need fillings and one of my upper firsts, they arent giving me any constant pain but the idea of getting this done scares me enough, this isnt the worst of it though,

my second lower left bicuspid has a cavity in the side of it (smooth surface), which has a visible crack running from it to the top and has been this way for 5 months or so however lately it has been giving me pain, not bad, almost like somthing stuck between my teeth, and it doesn't give me any pain when i bite on it or anything like that but i can feel it when i press my tongue around it in a certain way, and after closer inpection involving a bathroom mirror and a lazer pen (quite usefull for seeing cracks), i've noticed a very, very fine crack running down the inside of the tooth aswell, its very hard to see but its definiatly there, so i'm guessing that the tooth is cracked through hence it giving me slight pain.

worryingly it doesnt end there, the upper molar that needs the filling looks almost like it is hairline cracked aswell, the ridge that runs down the inside face of the, again very hard to see, i see similar things on other teeth but as i have been biting my nails for aslong as i can remember i guess stress fractures would serve me right :(

i'm making an appointment at the dentist today, and i'm unbelievably scared, and for a 20 year old guy (and a relatively rational one at that), its very daunting, on a positive note the nhs dentist i'm supposed to be seeing is supposedly very good, both my parents have seen him for fillings and say they didnt feel a thing, he uses topical gel for the needles (one of the main parts that worry me), and i think he can also prescribe valium if necessary, does it work?

i just wondered if anyone had any advice, i have no idea what to expect or anything :s, i've only ever been for checkups i've been trying to think up things to take my mind off it while i'm actually in there but its not working :(.

thanks for your time,
Re: :( Nail biting + Never having any work done ever = cracks, fillings and one very terrified me


The first visit is like a meet and greet. The dentist will want to have a look if you feel okay with that and maybe take an x ray. You won't be judged or made to feel uncomfortable. It is good that your parents have been and know him.

It is very unusual for any treatment to be done on the first visit, unless you would want it. The dentist will only agree to do what you give consent for.

You will be okay, let us know how you get on. Your dentist sounds as if he will try and make you as comfortable as he can. I don't think you need to worry. Good luck :clover::clover::clover::clover::clover:
Re: :( Nail biting + Never having any work done ever = cracks, fillings and one very terrified me

I have slight cracks in the enamuel of some of my teeth they have been like it for 30 years and have got no worse, you would need a bright light at an angle to see it though !
If you do have any fillings I would have the White Composite fillings (set with a blue light) :thumbsup:they cost a little more but look so much better and the dentist does not have to drill out as much of your teeth as they do with amalgam fillings !
I've started using "Xylitiol" now it's a natural alteranive to sugar that's actually good for teeth ! :grin:
Re: :( Nail biting + Never having any work done ever = cracks, fillings and one very terrified me

Hi George :welcome:,

we have collected some tips for the first appointment on this page: Doomsday - the first appointment

The cracks you have noticed may be craze lines rather than cracks. Craze lines are very common and don't require any treatment. Your dentist will be able to let you know for certain though - ask if you are worried about them :).

Rather than distracting yourself, I think it's vitally important that you build up a trusting relationship with your dentist, presuming that you like him when you meet him. If you feel that distraction would help you, a lot of people like to bring an mp3 player along that they can listen to during any treatment.

I hope the new dentist turns out to be a "keeper" :thumbsup: - wishing you all the best and please let us know how you get on!