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Narberth Dental Practice



Junior member
Jan 25, 2023
After 50 years of having horrible things done to my mouth, no dental care at all for years due to fear, losing the only dentist i finally managed to establish some trust for to retirement (the only way he could treat me initially was by putting me on laughing gas..),and a successions of others I did not trust at all,I finally found someone who treats me like a (though initially extremely jumpy,nervous and frightened,now less so) human being and equal! Having been to the practice about 5 times now )and cried every time-from relief/release, rather than fear!!, I can honestly say I feel incredibly lucky..
Starting with first visit for initial chat, x rays and a sit down to gently talk about findings, I have felt safe,in control (mostly..) and an equal,rather than a victim..I have had two teeth removed -not nice,but not painful either-never have I come across a dentist who takes as much time as Mark to get you numb, and IT DOES NOT HURT!!! ,a temporary plate fitted,and then-this is MASSIVE- three titanium screws put in my jaw-first phase of implants..never ever could I imagine having done what effectlively amounts to surgery in my mouth,with nothing but LOCAL ANAESTHTETIC, and not be completely traumatised..
I was told this was likely going to be less traumatic than having the teeth out-and it really was!
The assistant was a sweetheart too,very caring and attentive..