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Necrotic nerve



Junior member
Sep 17, 2021
Hi, I wrote here a month ago when I was having pain in one of the premolars that had a previous filling. I went to an endodontist and she said the nerve is necrotic. All she did was put a current in different teeth and in this one I didn't feel anything, hence the diagnosis. Is this enough to know the nerve is dead? Because prior to that she took an XR and she didn't see anything wrong or when she examined it. Shouldn't the XR have shown it?
She said I need a RC but they don't have an appointment soon.
I'm scared about the RC procedure, but also about waiting with the dead nerve inside. Is this dangerous? Is there anything I can do to prevent an infection? How long can a dead tooth stay in the mouth? Is it possible that a necrotic nerve does not become infected and does not cause problems? Has anyone had the same problem?
Right now I don't have pain when biting, heat, cold or air but I feel it strange and I can tell there's something wrong there. I can't sleep at night thinking about all this..
I hope someone can answer my questions..
It's a bit complicated. Yes, the negative test would suggest that the nerve is dead, which is what necrotic means.
There's no reason it would show up on an x-ray unless it was dead and infected.
It's not dangerous having a dead nerve in a tooth. There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it getting infected on a conscious level, but your immune system is presumably keeping things under control for now.
It's entirely possible for the tooth to remain in this state for years. Trouble is that it will eventually start to cause problems, so it's better to get it sorted out at your convenience, rather than wait till Xmas eve or something for it to start!
Thank you very much for your clear and reassuring reply. I feel calmer now and I hope I can sleep better. I really appreciate your work, effort and empathy. I wish all dentists were as clear as you.