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Need 4 fillings, possible nerve dying slowly & I am worried.

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Mar 9, 2022
Hello there.

I need 4 fillings, 3 are on the upper right and I am so shocked because it's 3 teeth in a row! What could be the reasons why 3 teeth in a row would all need fillings? I am so bummed, and financially worried.

Secondly, my left canine is super sensitive to cold and when it's tapped on. It's okay to hot and when I bite there's no pain. It's also only the front of the tooth which has these symptoms, not the back. They did endo ice on it, it responded the way it should have I guess. Sometimes I clench on that side, and she said my ligament could be bruised. On the x-ray, there's a bit of shadow at the root which she said could come from the ligament being bruised or that the nerve is dying slowly. If this happened, this would be the 3rd tooth I needed a root canal on. Why have I needed so many? What could be the reasons? I guess she said it's like a "Watch and wait" to see what happens.

Lastly, I have to get a crown and save up some money. She said the cavities were "mostly on the enamel but I had a few dark spots," how long can I safely put this off? How quickly do cavities progress? I just need a couple of months not even at most probably.
Hi conqueringfears,

Sorry your teeth are causing you so much worry.
If these fillings are fresh cavities and not replacements of old fillings then I think you need to look at how often you consume sweet things during the day. Check out the information here:
Difficult to speculate on the sensitive canine, sounds like it might be related to clenching or grinding at night.

Lastly, putting the treatment off a couple of months highly unlikely to be a problem.
Hope it works out for you

@drhirst Hello there, thanks so much for your feedback here. It's appreciated.