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Need 5 extractions - terrified!



Junior member
May 11, 2024
I need to have 5 teeth extracted - #2,15,18,30&31 (I think iv got that right) - and I’m terrified.

iv never had a tooth pulled before and so having 5 at once feels like a big step. Everyone and everything iv seen says that it shouldn’t hurt etc but iv only ever heard of things like this being super painful. My mom had a tooth pulled at the start of the year and was crying bc it hurt so much and so I haven’t scheduled my appointment because her reaction scared me.

My dentist suggested having them all done at once so it was over and done with and I think that’s what I’ll go for so that I don’t have to panic about going back but I don’t know what to expect with the recovery after and things.

iv got other work I need doing too (2 cavities, root canal and a cleaning) that I also need to schedule plus iv got an appointment scheduled for a cavity to be filled next week too (iv been putting off this appointment for nearly a year and just refused to book anything else in either).

Ahhhh the whole thing scares me and idk what to expect. I don’t even know why I’m so scared either, iv been to the dentist before and it’s been fine, iv never had a hugely bad experience or anything but bleh 😭
I'm not a dentist, but I do really feel for you and your fear. I am exactly the same. As far as I can tell dentists try their best to save teeth, I'm not familiar with the numbers, but it could be that some of them are wisdom teeth, which means the extraction(s) hopefully won't be as bad as you imagine. I had my upper left wisdom tooth removed in March - it is the first tooth I have ever had taken out, and it was far less frightening or painful than I imagined it to be. It has taken a bit of time to get used to the empty gum and the dip in it, so I'm not sure how that would translate x 5, but I don't think about it much now.

One thing I didn't anticipate was the sense of loss / grief at losing a tooth... its a really strange emotion.

It sounds like an awful lot to go through in a short space of time though. Have you asked/ can you find out from your dentist what the priority for the work is, and perhaps postpone some of it so that it happens over a slightly longer period of time?
@HMB thank you, and I’m sorry you feel the same - it really sucks.

I think that they’re the 2nd molars rather than wisdom teeth, but I could be wrong. But hopefully it won’t be much different. To be honest none of them are causing much pain, it’s on and off but not constant or anything so I don’t mind putting it off for now.

I’m glad your experience was better than you expected - that’s reassuring to hear! And from reading other peoples stories it seems like that’s what lots of people say too. I don’t think I realised I’d feel so attached to my teeth - it’s not like I’ve cared about them much before now 😂

I’ve got my first filling tomorrow which I’m terrified about - anything to do with dentists terrified me for some unknown reason. Luckily I have a lovely dentist but it doesn’t stop me crapping myself beforehand haha
Good luck tomorrow. Half the battle is having a dentist you trust, and who understands how to ensure you feel safe in what they are doing. Don't be afraid to ask questions and agree that you can have a short break during the treatment if you need it.
i say do it one thing at a time, what really needs doing and then go from there, ask the dentist what really needs doing and maybe do the easiest for you first, that is how i try to do it. I've had two root canals, 3 crowns(one is just being redone- getting perm. crown on thurs.!), wisdom teeth pulled and many fillings and made it through all better than i thought, never thought i could do any of it but did. they were rough but once done, you will feel better. Take deep breaths and hope you have a good understanding dentist, that helps the most.:) you can do it, stay strong!
@HMB @nutzforcats thank you both! Todays appointment was ok - a bit uncomfortable but nothing too bad. And my dentist was very patient and gentle which helped. I have EDS so I think the worst part was having to keep my mouth open for 45 minutes whilst trying not to dislocate my jaw 😂 I’m going back in a week for my next appointment and we’re going to discuss booking in the extractions then I think… at least that’s what I’m telling myself I’m going to do. But for now I’m focusing on sorting the teeth that are causing pain - I figure if the teeth need to come out and aren’t hurting then it doesn’t matter if I leave it a bit longer?