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need a cheap or free dentist...will sell my soul or pay in kind lol...



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Nov 20, 2012
im a single dad of 36, recovering from high grade b cell lymphome...with high dose rituxan treatment...with all the chemo etc given to me it left my bones in a bit of a state including my teeth...now im in recovery im finding my teeth becomeing more of an issue every day...ive tried to get a dentist local on the nhs as i cannot afford to go private...ive tried allsorts to resolve the issue...im devestated how my teeth have been left and no help to recover them to how they were before cancer treatment...and yes im very happy to be alive and to be saved by the treatments given to me...but devestated my teeth took the blast....ive been locked up for 3 months in an institute a few years ago as at one point i attempted suicide as i felt the problem along with a few other mentaly blinding me...hate my teeth need some advise...at the minuite...ive got to be strong and try not to let it get me down as im a single dad...ive a 13 year old son....ive not the money to fix them...there just going to get worse...trying to move on with my life is difficult...been single for 5 years as i cant have a partner with my teeth like they are so i feel stuck...need a dentist that i can pay in kind...of some sorts lol...loose sleep every night over this and its on my mind all day...my bl==dy teeth!
'ello and welcome mister

Really sorry that you have loads of grief, and then your teeth have to pop in and add to the turmoil. I am sure that there is some way of helping you get the treatment that you need. The NHS is going through a crisis at the moment, but they are there for people who really need them.

I would suggest you talking to your GP in the first instance. He/she will know what you have been going through, and the fact that the meds you are taking are affecting you in other areas of your health. They should be able to point you in the right direction/ get things going for you, and if they don't, start shouting, and shout really loud. You have the right to be healthy in every area of your life.

I don't like shouting for the sake of, but when the need is a must, then do it. I am sending you the biggest hugs of all time, and your son will be behind you all of the way too xoxoxoxoxox
Kenny, I'm so sorry for all you have been through. Bless your heart... I do hope someone here can guide you to a good dentist that you can afford. Did any of your treatments leave you with osteonecrosis?
Dear Kenny,

Wow, you are so strong! After you `ve gone through all of these things you are so strong.

I am sure everything will be fine if you believe in it as you already doing it as something drawn to you here to ask people here.
I love that people are so caring here, it helps a lot and also helping others here helps me a lot.
After what you went through in your life take it as it had to be there at that moment for your greatest good. We humans can`t see everything , the universe is wiser than us and if everything comes from the heart everything is right and you will see one day you will not take the bad experience as it`s now because you will see what is the reason for it and you will see why certain things happen.
It`s a journey to find our true innerselves and love that and you will see one day you attract things to you as discover who you really are.

Everything will be fine with your teeth I am sure as you opened yourself here and showed who you really are and it`s really inspiring.

Peace and Love

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Hi Kenny, I'm not sure if you would qualify as medically compromised, but if you did, you would most likely be eligible for a referral to the community dental service in North Wales (another reason for such a referral might be your mental health difficulties which have arisen from your dental problems). Has anyone (your previous dentist or GP) mentioned this possibility? If not, you could ask them if they are able to refer you.

You could also have a look at our dentist recommendations section for Wales here on the forum (on the forum homepage, scroll down a bit and you'll find it) - I think that both of the first two (in Cardiff and Abergavenny) deal with special needs patients quite a bit and may be able to point you in the right direction.

Wishing you lots of luck with your search :clover::clover::clover:!!!
Hello Kenny,
Just wondering whether Macmillan cancer support group might be able to help point you in the right direction, as I know they offer advice on financial problems which are, sadly, experienced by many cancer patients - they don't just offer personal care (though they are great at that) - they cover all aspects and might have some good ideas. Wishing you all the best; don't give up now you've come so far. :XXLhug:
Kenny, I'm so sorry for all you have been through. Bless your heart... I do hope someone here can guide you to a good dentist that you can afford. Did any of your treatments leave you with osteonecrosis?

yes im sure it did leave me with some kind of bone degregation problem...ive had terrible after care and been left in the dark to deal with the after problems...need to ask my gp about the osteonecrossis...thanks for your reply..it all helps..
Kenny, the reason I asked you that is because my dad has had multiple meyloma cancer. It really deteriorates the bones. He took zometa for a long time to help build up his bones but it left him with osteonecrosis. He would have big shards of bone come off his jaws bones. Anyway, it is my understanding that with this particular condition the less you mess with it the better. You may not have it though because I think you would definitely know it if you did. Finding the right dentist/oral surgeon will make all the difference in the world. I so hope you find a good one who can help you. Be sure and tell them everything and all the meds/chemos you have had. I'm sure there is hope for you though ... so don't give up! You just never know when a door will open and you will cross paths with the right dentist who can help you.

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