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Need a NHS dentist in Hertfordshire for my very nervous 15 year old daughter



Junior member
May 7, 2013
Need a NHS dentist in Hertfordshire for my very nervous 15 year old daughter

My daughter has always been very nervous about going to the dentist, but last time she went [4 months ago] she had a particularly bad experience which has left her petfified and although she is not due to go for another 2 months. She is already getting very anxious.

Does anyone know of anywhere

thanks in advance


Well-known member
Oct 24, 2005
Re: Need a NHS dentist in Hertfordshire for my very nervous 15 year old daughter


We have a few recommendations for dentists in Hertfordshire and you can find them here:


Unfortunately most of the recommendations on here tend to be private rather than NHS. This is mainly due to private dentists being able to spend more time with patients to not only provide any treatment needed, but also to listen and help them overcome their fears. Having said that, not all private practices charge the same, so it does pay to 'shop around' until you find somewhere that you're happy with.

If you're anywhere near Welwyn Garden City, we do have some very positive feedback for Lincoln Hirst at Beehive Dental Practice (Lincoln is also one of our moderators and very kindly answers questions in our Dentistry Questions section):


If you need to find an NHS dentist, the best place to look is the NHS Choices website at:


If you put your postcode into the search box, you can search for NHS dentists in your area and it will tell you whether or not they are accepting new NHS patients. The information on the site isn't always up to date though, so it's worth calling them to see whether they actually are accepting new patients.

Hope this helps and if your daughter needs any information or support, you are welcome to post in our support section too. :)