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need a retainer that sprays water in my mouth



Junior member
Jan 24, 2024
I need a retainer made that can spray water in my mouth

I need to stay hydrated to stop from having another stroke

I need a nasal tube that attaches to a retainer

and the retainer sprays water in my mouth

If i have another stroke i could die

I need away to spray water in my mouth

i cant bring a cup to my mouth

it is very important

I hope someone will please help

please contact me
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Hi @jamesmatheson, I have removed your email address from your post so you don't get inundated with spam.

You're saying that you can't bring a cup to your mouth, and this is why you need a water sprayer.

Unfortunately, such a device (a retainer that sprays water) does not exist, to the best of my knowledge.

Have you spoken to your medical doctor about this difficult situation? If so, what have they recommended you do? Do you have someone to help you with drinking water?
Yes I spoke to everyone that's why I'm coming to you
Even if I was inundated
My life is at stake
I am about to have a 3d person make it
I'm just trying to professional first before I go the 3d route
Can you explain a bit more about why you can't bring a cup to your mouth/drink water to stay hydrated? There could be many reasons so it's hard to say anything more without knowing what is happening.
When you have a stroke you lose use of your hands and have to.be fed
So do you have an assistant who supports you with eating and drinking?
Can you make the thing I am asking
I need a nasal tube attached to a retainer that sprays water in my mouth