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Need Advice ASAP :(



Jul 16, 2011
Surrey, BC
So in short my teeth are horrible but the worst one is a tooth thats half gone. Within the past week its gotten worse and now i can see all the way down into my gums. It's painful, but not swollen. No visible abscess. But I feel super sick, have a fever and am terrified its infected even though it doesn't look like it. Im so scared of the dentist. Scared of sedation. I don't know what to do, I feel like dying.
Oh no!!!!! I am so sorry you are going through this! I would start by going to your doctor and getting a prescription, its likely you are infected and need to get that cleared up. Once the infection is gone you will feel physically better, and your treatment of the tooth will be much easier.
Do you have a dentist you like? In the past month I interviewed 4 dentists until I found one I like and trust, all 4 gave free consultations. I have MAJOR fear and anxiety but just yesterday had a root canal pain free with oral sedation (Halcion) and it was a dream come true. What was so important was that I trusted my dentist and had clearly talked to him about my anxiety (I was actually a crying blubbering mess when I went into his office).

I'd say get that infection cleared up, start feeling better and then find someone you trust to take care of that tooth before it gets worse and a minor dental procedure turns into a major one.

Good Luck!