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Need advise please



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Jun 21, 2010
Hi. Starting treatment and iv asked the dentist if i can do small appointments till im ready to move on. The thing is hes talking a root filling and im not ( or my anxiety ) is not ready to face that yet. Can i ask him to wait till im ready? Its nhs do not sure if it means he will throw me out.

How long does a front tooth root canal take anyway?
Yes, of course you can ask him to delay it.
How long does a front tooth root canal take anyway?
As long as it takes... sometimes half an hour sometimes a couple of hours.

My personal record was 15 minutes... from entering the surgery to leaving it, but that was a patient with severe mental and physical disabilities who literally couldn't sit in the surgery for more than about 20 minutes. It was a bit frantic and I had 2 nurses assisting me all the time. Wouldn't like to do it again!
Thanks Gordon thats made me feel so much better. Your a star xx
Well Gordon i went the dentist this morning. He was fantastic. Iv got a fractured tooth? What ever that means. But he said he wants me to take things slow. So hes booked me in with a hygienist next... and because the tooth is not bothering me he says it can wait.
I cant believe i stayed as he was running 30 minutes later but i did it and thats all thanks to you. Xxx