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Need apicoectomy apparently. Terrified of this procedure.



Junior member
Jan 23, 2013
I had a root canal done on my central incisor about a year ago and a carbon fibre post was installed to provide some length to the tooth. Prior to this, I had broken my crown and the tooth underneath and the remaining structure could not support a crown (it kept falling off every month or two).
Well I wasn't crazy about root canaling a healthy tooth and, sure enough, a year later I have an infection and fistula. To antibiotics and it got better but the endodontist says I need an apicoectomy because he can't remove a carbon fibre post (if it were metal, no problem).

1) Can the tooth be retreated endodontically (I'm considering a second opinon)
2) is it worth doing the apicoectomy? Or should I look t an implant? Which is less invasive? Better long term results? I'm 41 so it has to last a while.


Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel

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Verified dentist
Nov 2, 2010
The Hague , Holland
There is no harm in hearing a second opinion. On the other hand, if an endodontist says the post is difficult to remove it is better not to do it.
An apexsectomy is better than an implant especially in the front part of the mouth espcially because it is a challenge to achieve an esthetic shape of the gums next to an implant.
In short, your endodontist's advise sounds good to me...