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Need help on what this could be on my back molar

It is impossible to diagnose something like that from a photo. You need to go get it looked at.
You guys really suck lmfao
Really really suck . Somebody in here should be able to recognize what it is .
Sorry to say that, Bobbykorn, but a dentist who examins you in person is the only person who should be able to recognize what it is. Giving you any diagnose over the internet is not possible and would be quite an unethical thing to do I guess, especially if it leads to further avoidance.

Now the real question here is this: what is it that makes you this hesitant towards seeing a dentist despite of this thing having been worrying you for months by now? If you don't mind me asking... I can see this thing is driving you crazy, but it seems seeing a dentist is no option so was wondering why... Finances? Anxiety? No dentist you trust in your area? Fear of what it might be? Maybe that issue is something you can get some support here.
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You guys really suck lmfao
Really really suck . Somebody in here should be able to recognize what it is .
On one of your posts you say you think it might be cancer. Do you really think doctors diagnose cancer with a simple picture? The issue with a picture is that it doesn't tell much other than what it looks like which makes diagnosis quite harder. The most they can do is tell you to have it looked by a specialist, which was already done by Gordon in April, May & December 2019. The sooner it is seen, the better are your chances that the resolution is simple.

A few years ago, I asked my family doctor to look at a mole I have. He confirmed that it looked odd and referred me to a specialist. The specialist looked at it, said it was nothing bad and offered me 2 options. He could remove it for me if it was bothering me or we could just leave it there.
I’m sorry guys ,
Yes my anxiety is what’s making me not visit a dentist at the moment
Please go. There is nothing better than peace of mind, which you will never get u til you go,