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Need help regarding options



Junior member
Apr 20, 2017
Basically I have a overjet and overbite I'd say both over 10MM but not sure how to measure them
I had braces when I was 13 odd but got bullied a lot, lost it(WISH I DID GO BACK AND IGNORED THEM), never went back to dentist since I'm now 26
and its depressing the hell out of me, giving me no confidence what so ever I sometimes have trouble eating and often bite inside of my mouth and get ulcers etc effects my speech also anyways

What options do I have, would I have any chance of qualify for cheaper surgery/braces, I don't receive much money so can't afford £3k+ options (possibly pay monthly at a decent rate?) but that would be a last option

Would I need to talk to a dentist?
How would I get referred?
Could I qualify for braces/surgery on NHS? If so at what cost
What options do I have if NHS is not available for me

- Thanks would be grateful for any help given
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

Firstly everyone in the UK is entitled to NHS treatment. I think your first move is to find a dentist. You can look on here at the find a dentist section of this forum, if there isn't one there that you could try, go onto the nhs choices website and have a look on there. Don't take too much notice if they say they aren't accepting new patients a lot of them don't keep their site up to date. Ring around and ask if they are accepting new patients. You could also either ring, call in or email dentists local to you and explain your problems as you have on here and ask if they could help you. A lot of dentists that do nhs refer patients to dental hospitals for work doing if it is needed to keep your orally healthy.

Ask around family and friends and see what their dentists are like, maybe they know of one that is taking new patients.

I hope you find a dentist soon and good luck to you, if we can be of any help to you just come back and we will do our best. :butterfly: