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Need immediate help..Teeth falling out fear



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Apr 10, 2012
I need one immediate help.. Actually my brother thinks that his jaw is shaking and he fears that his teeth may crumble..he regularly complains about the upper jaw shivering..
He had this issue around 15 years ago too..That time he went to multiple doctors and it took a year or so to get him right..
We still don't know what worked then..Now ten days back he again started complaining about it.. Problem is, no dentist finds any fault with the teeth or jaw or gums..
We first thought that it might be a phobia..i also searched on the internet and found similar answers..But most of the views expressed over the net are about dreams of teeth falling out.. my brother feels it every time while awake only..He is not able to eat properly..he is finding it extremely hard to chew..
He says very confidently that he doesn't have any mental problem.. and he believes 100% that his problem is real and is indeed some rare disease..
Just to give some additional information for him.. He is basically a shy person and little low on self-confidence..I mentioned this coz i found this to be one of the reasons for dreams like this..
But he experiences this fear not in dreams but in real.. That's the differentiating factor..
He is very depressed and extremely afraid..
Kindly help ASAP!
Difficult for anyone to say really.
We all know a LOT about being afraid of the dentist but that seems not to be the case for your brother. He has had re assurance from the dentist that his teeth are OK.

I hope you find some answers again and are able to help your brother.He is lucky to have you be so caring.
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