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Need immediate help



Aug 29, 2014
I posted my story on the forum. I have a cracked tooth. It didn't bother me for awhile, and now, the last couple of days, the pain is excruciating. Had a half a bowl of soup all day yesterday, that's all I could eat. Went to sleep (after taking 2000 mg of Bayer....I know, but I'm desperate.

I called the dentist today, couldn't take it any more. Have a horrible phobia, but the pain is so bad right now (mixed blessing), that I would RUN to the dentists office at this point, which terrifies me.

I left a message, waited an hour, called back, got the machine again, then hung up, just waiting for them to call me back. Monday's a holiday where I'm at, and I can't go through the next 5 or 6 days, maybe longer, in this constant agony. Is there anyway I can get antibiotics called in for the infection before I'm seen? I understand pain-killers, that's unethical before I'm examined, I'm talking strictly antibiotics for the obvious infection and pain. If there are any dentists that read this, please help me out. I can't take this pain anymore, am trying to set up an appointment, and no one is calling me back.

It's weird that they don't have any emergency number. They have probably already closed for the weekend. Honestly, your best bet is probably to go to the emergency room of you're in that much pain. They may give you antibiotics and they may also give you pain meds. I've used oragel and clove oil (need to be very careful with clove oil) to get me through a weekend, but it hasn't been pleasant. I've also taken ibuprofen and Tylenol (acetaminophen) at the same time (I can't take opiates) -- but you should talk to your PCP or pharmacist before you do this. You may want to call your PCP as well since they will definitely have someone on-call who can help you. I'm not a dentist... Just my thoughts about what I would do. Best of luck!!!
Thanks fearful. Was prescribed 600 mg of Motrin, and 125 mg of Augmentin (1 tablet, twice a day). Took them about 2 hours ago, started to feel better, then the pain slowly crept back within an hour, and overtook the medicine.

Should I have gone from feeling better, back to extreme pain in less then an hour and a half after taking the prescribed medication?