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Need lots of advice and experience



Junior member
Jun 1, 2010
Hi i'm new just came across this website and couldn't be happier, anyways i have extremely bad teeth more than half are broke off to the gum and the rest breaking off and making there way there as well, I have never had good teeth even as an infant i was in the hospital alot for infections in my teeth, and all through childhood, and now adulthood. I have always been extremely scared to go to the dentist cause it was always so painful, the novicane(sp) does not numb me and i feel everything... to make a long story short i want sedation preferably IV so i can sleep through the whole thing and also want to get immediate dentures i am only 27 years and i get at least one bad infection a month, and the ER doctor told me i need to do something about it asap before my body works up immune to the anibotics or it gets in my bloodstream i'm terrified of both now... dying and the procedure... me and my husband are applying for credit to have it done asap tonight and were going from there, what do expect with finding a dentist... having such bad teeth how will it go... and how will you feel afterwards... recovery wise, i have 3 children and trying to plan this to the best of everyones schedule... i'm scared but i have to have it done so please share your experience with me and how bad your teeth were and what happened... thank you so much :grouphug:
As a veteran of IV's I can tell you how great they are. They don't put you to sleep (although it will feel like having a GA), its a case of tiny scratch in the back of the hand and then suddenly realise its all over and done. It will take away all memory of the procedure, even though you will be awake and responsive to the dentist - you just won't remember it. Its a great way to have dental work done and I will pay considerably to have it.

It really is awesome. Go for it.